Haunted Wood Plot: Potion #4  

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Note: Ignore what is being said before Update #2 (at the bottom of the page). Anything that's said before Update #2 is for my own reference of the journey I made to get Potion #4.

My new instruction:

A conversation between Sophie and me: (imaginery converstation, just incase you thought this is real. LOL)

Sophie: Making potions this complicated from scratch is getting to be a nightmare!
Kreai: Tell me about it. All you do is give instruction. We are the one who has to crack a few brains to figure it out. sigh!!!

More ingredients now:

Okay, that it for now. Won't be doing this till later. I am going for a massage. LOL...

Update #1:

My brain has decided to go on strike. It just won't start work on these formula. No matter how many times I read their instruction, I just don't get it. I couldn't do the math. And I did all calculus in college, A math at 'O' level and I have an Economic Degree for goodness sake. I can't do these simple formula. I really do need to go to a corner and cry in shame. sob...sob,,,

So folks, I am of no help to anybody here at this stage.

What I had done is go to the Board and try to get some kind soul to do the math for me. A kind soul I found indeed. He helped me found out what I need to do. Just so you had the same instruction as me, here's what I did.

Composite #1:

Special: Anti-Gravitic Goo
Quantity: 10 grams

Still work in progress. Nobody has found out what to do yet.

Composite #2:

Special: Spectral Essence
Quantity: 23 grams
Relevant property: Conjuring
Target value: +275 +/- 1

To do this, I need:

10g Bloodfern Loam - Crush and Soak to max.
10g Bloodfern Loam - Crush and Soak to max.
1g Bloodfern Loam - Crush and Soak to max.

2g Leafy Slorgblossom - Burn and Crush to max.

When I combined them, I got the result I need. Conjure +275

Composite #3:

Quantity: 12 grams
Relevant property: Divination
Target value: +65 +/- 2
Relevant property: Conjuring
Target value: +101 +/- 2

The kind soul told me I need to:
Burn 3g of Wool for 78 seconds
Crush 3g of Jurple for 152 seconds
And add 6g of any item I choose.

I managed to get the time right after a few try. When the time is not exactly 78seconds or 152 seconds, I discard and redo. When I combine them, I got

Conjuring +103
Divination +65

This is within my range.

I was so grateful I gave him a codestone. LOL. Well, I was grateful. LOL...

With this done, i headed back to do my Composite #2 which is the Spectral Essence (check above on how to do it)

So with Composite #2 and #3 done, I am waiting for them to figure out how to do Composite #1.

This is what is waiting at Sophie's lab now while I go get some beauty ZZZZZZZ!!!

Good night folks. Until tomorrow.

Update #2:

So they found out what to do with the Anti-Gravitic Goo. I proceed to burn, crush... and ... and... it didn't work. bummer!!!!

So off to the board and I got this Guide. Excellent. Everything is so much simplier. The way it should be. You really do not need a rocket scientist to figure all the steps. This fellow make it so simple. I think you really should continue to get it done with his steps.

Viola, I did it with this new guide. So simple, easy and fast.

Now off to do Potion #5.

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