Haunted Wood Plot - Potion #3  

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I got my instruction:

More ingredients added:

To created the composite #1 which is the spectral essence, you need

10g Bloodfern Loam -- Crushed and Soaked
10g Bloodfern Loam -- Crushed and Soaked
5g Leafy Slorgblossom -- Crushed, Soaked and Dessicated

Combine them when you have completedly crushed, soaked and for leafy, dessicated.
You will get the Spectral Essence.

The instruction from Sophie was all there all along. Just that we never listen (or read in this case). See most people could figure out how to do composite #2. So like them, I did this yesterday. When you have completed composite #2, you will see Sophie saying this:

If you had done Composite #2 hours ago, just dump both composite into the couldor now.

If not, then proceed to do the same for your composite #2. Now how do you know what do to for this step? I am so frustrated with this, this is the first plot I really am tempted to give up. But the people on the board are really really intelligent players. They helped me a lot.

So go here and here to check how you can complete your composite #2.

Once you are done with composite #2, you are ready to throw them into the couldron.

Keep your finger (and toe) crossed and pray that it work.

Hippe!!! Hippee!!! Hurrah!!! Hippe Hippe!!! Hurrah!!! Hippe Hippe!! Hurrah!! It work. Doing Happy dance here now.

Now off to do Potion #4. urgghhh!!!!!

But before that, I need to go out into the real world and face real monsters. So until then... sayonora!!!

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