Haunted Wood Plot - Potion #5 - updated  

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Composite #2: Anti-Gravitic Goo

Composite #3

Because you can only have 4 items at a time, combine these first. Then go get another ingredient to combine.

Combine them together and I am done for Composite #2 n #3.

So waiting for someone to figure out how to get composite #1.

Update #1:

Finally after 2 days, someone found what to do to get Platinum Mist.

So I use:

1g Sharpglass- do nothing
1g Madvine Root - do nothing
4g bronze Sansam - max out all 4 process.

Combine them and this is what I got. Yay.

Throw them into the couldron and ... and....


To be continue...

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