Haunted Wood Plot - Battle  

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If Neopet is loading/refreshing fast enough, I should have killed those stone numerous time.

All I have done is use 2 scarab ring and my pet's ability of BURROW. That's it. I finished them off in 1 move.

So I suggest you invest on the Burrow ability.

Now how do you get Burrow?

You need to bless your pet with 4 Earth Bottle faeries.

Bottled Earth Faerie cost about 3,449 NP

When you have bought the bottled earth faerie, give it to your pet.

Then go to your pet's ability page to highlight the ability of Burrow before you can use it in the battle.

sigh... I waste so much np buying all the other equipment and never even get to use it. sigh...

1. The stones gets stronger as you battle them. I have gone 15 rounds on each stone and their HP has been increasing.
2. I had to go 3 tounds sometimes on one of the stone before he's defeated. But he can't do much damage to me.

So conclusion at this point is use a pet who has high HP. If you don't have it, send them training now. LOL...

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