Haunted Wood Plot: Chapter 9 - Steps  

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Folks, we need to go into Battledome. I am afraid of this. This is what I am not good at. Sigh...

Let's see what we need to do.

Step 1:
Read the Comic of Chapter 8 & 9 .
Then head over to Battledome and click "Single Player Battledome".
Then start the battle with three low-level single-player challengers.

Step 2:
(a) Equipping a pet.
Check what weapons your pet has equipped.

To equip an item, click on an equipment and select "Equip xxxx" You can equip up to 8 items.
To unequip an item, simply click on the weapon and you will unequip it.

(b) Check Pet's Status.
Make sure your pet is not sick. You can't battle if your pet is sick.
Make sure your pet HP is at it's full level.

Step 3:
Begin Battle:

(a) Go to the "Single Player Battledome",
(b) Select the pet you wish to use

(c) Scroll down the opponent list at the bottom of the page. Select one you wish to battle and click on the opponent's name (Our first three opponents for this plot are: Ominous Stones; Macabre Stones; Furious Stones).

The three opponents:

How to Battle: Gosh I am no good at battle. Hope my explanation is good enough.

Once you have select a pet and an opponent, (my first opponent is the Ominous Stones) you will be brought here:

Then choose 2 of your equipped items by clicking on them to highlight them.

Then select an attack or an ability from the drop-down list. (I use Burrow)

When you are ready, hit the "Go" button.

Repeat as needed until the fight is over.

Hit the "Next" button when it is.

From there, hit the 1 Player link at the top to do another round if you wish.

If you win a fight, your Health will stay where it was when you began.

If you loose a fight, you will need to replenish any lost health before starting the next round.


1. Which Pet should I use?
Select the pet with the highest HP and the best Strength.

2. What weapon to equip?
People on the board suggest this:

2 Scarab Ring
Obsidian Dagger
Slime Potion / Lesser Healing Scroll / Greater Healing Scroll
Illusens Earth Potion

Good Luck Everyone.

P/S: I hate War! I hate War! Look at my pet. They are all peace loving animals. Arrghhh!!! I say again. I hate War!!!!! .... ironically ... going off to fight another stone. sigh...

Okay... it's pretty easy to fight these 3 stones. I have beaten all 3 stones with very easy steps. So far I had only use the 2 sacrab rings. If I can do it, so can you.

It's said on the Board that you have to fight them as many times as possible. Why? I have no idea. I am going to fight them for another hour and then I am going out for fresh air.

Btw, the page reload Reeeeaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy slllllloooooooooowwwwwwwww. So grab a book, make yourself a cuppa and wait. ((evil grin inserted her. LOL))

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