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I have a Shoryu. Presenting Elton-Sky.

And I forgot that I could get avatar exclusively for Shoyru Owner. There are 2 avatar that a Shoyru can give you. Thanks to a member on the Board for reminding me.

1, Bless You, Shoyru Avatar

You get this when you bless your Shoyru with a bottle faerie. I gave him 4 Bottled Earth Faerie to give him the Burrow Ability.

2. Shoyru, Tough Avatar

You get this when you send your Shoyru to a battle and win. Which Elton did. He fought Ominous Stones whose HP has been increased to 20 (because I have fought him 20 times) And Elton went into Battle with 20HP. With 2 Scarab Rings and the Burrow Ability, he finished off Ominous Stones in just 1 move. Not bad for a first battle for Elton. Well done. LOL.

Since we are in battle and talking about avatar, here's one a lot of people are getting lately while fighting the 3 stones.

Battle Faerie Avatar:
Randomly awarded on the Winner page after winning a fight in the Battledome.

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