Halloween Goodie Bags  

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Did everyone get their goodie bags?
Did you open it up?
Did you sell it?

I have 8 bags right now. On the day it's released, I couldn't get any due to a glitch. The glitch was that whoever got the goodie bag last Halloween, you can't get it this year. So 2 friends gave 1 to me.

After a few hours, TNT fixed the glitch and so I could get it. However, when TNT fixed the glitch, those who had gotten it earlier managed to get 1 more set on all the 6 places. So some got 12 bags.

It was selling like hot cakes for a while. I saw someone saying he spent 200knp on 8 bags because he wants to get a Halloween Paintbrush. Rumor has it that there may be a Halloween Paintbrush in one of these goodie bags.

I am a collector. So those bags goes into my SDB immediately.

Now that Halloween is over, Thanksgiving will be coming soon. Am I thankful enough to do something special for those of you who visit me? Wait and see. LOL.... yes... I love to tease...

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