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No trophy for me this month. 40 points short for a bronze in Time Tunnel. Sigh... Oh well... back to more training. So this lead me to want to find out how many points do I need for a trophy. So I spend a few hours going through all the game list and found this out. Below is the screen-shot of all the trophies you can get from games. Go through the list, play the game and see which one interest you and practice and practice for the month and we shall all go for trophy come Dec 1. LOL. That's the challenge I have for you.

Trophies are handed out everyday at 4:35am NST (8:35pm Singapore/Malaysia Time). So if you are able to get high score you will be awarded the trophy that day. Generally, every neopians will try for it on the 1st of the month because the score are not as high and chances of getting a trophy is higher.

I will be spliting this topic into many posts due to too many games.

Let's start with Action Game: (go to the link and find your favorite games there)

200m Peanut Dash, Advert Attack, Attack of the Revenge, Attack of the Slorgs, Bumper Cars

Carnival of Terror, Castle Battles, Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island, Chia Bomber 2, Deckball

Defender Trainer, Dubloon Disaster, Escape from Meridell Castle, Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars, Extreme Herder

Extreme Potato Counter, Faerie Bubbles, Faerie Cloud Racers, Feed Florg, Flycatcher

Freaky Factory, Frumball, Gourmet Club Bowls, Grand Theft Ummagine, Gwyl's Great Escape

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