The last minute of Halloween  

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My friend, Pris and I were determined to get that Halloween sidebar. So as we wait for the last minute of Halloween, we were gossiping, waiting, more gossiping, more waiting. Then the time drew near. I was nervous. ( I cannot believe I was actually nervous. Maybe the lost of 4 levels and an avatar which took me 6 months to get make me more determine to get something out of this halloween)

23:59:00 came. and off we went refreshing. I refreshed. But the loading was slow. I couldn't wait, I refresh again and again. No "Something Has Happened!" Disappointed. Check with Pris. She got it. Sigh... Told her to save the screenie.

Then I went to check my userlookup and WOW... it's there!. I must have refresh too fast and missed that message. The sidebard status is 7. I had 6 before this. Hip Hip Horrah!!!

So courtesy of Pris, here's the screenie that tells us we have got the Halloween Sidebar Permanently.

Next target? Winter. But ... but... I won't be in town. I will be in KL attending a wedding... hmmm... I should bring my laptop and do it in the hotel. LOL...Yes, I am sick...

If you use the sidebar, your page will look like this:

These are the picture you will see at the bottom of the page:

Alert Icons: (Will update as I get them along the way. so far I have 2 only)

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