Month of Celebrating  

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The month of Celebrating

* Dec 5th - Bruce Day

* Dec 12th - Wocky Day

* Dec 20th - Borovan Day - Everybody likes to drink a hot cup of borovan on this day!

* Dec 25th - Day of Giving - Gifts abound as all Neopia gets full of festive spirit

* Dec 28th - Ogrin Day

* Dec 31st / Jan 1st - Neopia enters a new year! (Y9)

Hurray, the month of celebrating is here in 3 days. Soon we can visit the Advent Calendar and start getting free gifts. It's 1 free gift a day for the whole month of December. Check out the countdown on my sidebar.

Remember to register at the Multi Player Competition to try for the 3 trophies.

Collect your Monthly Freebie.

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