Game: Holly Hobbie Holiday - 3000NP  

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I have introduced this game here when it was released.

I have just found out that instead of 1800np per day that you can earned from this game, now you can earned 3000np per day. So how do you do it? Don't worry, I will not introduce any cheat or anything illegal that will cause yoru account to be frozen.

This is what you do.

1. Go HERE. Move your cursor around the page and try to find a red NP. Click on it and it will give you 500np (which will appear later) and a code. Write down the code and then click on "BACK"

2. When you click on the "BACK", it will bring you to the game page.

See that "ENTER CODE" beside "VIEW INSTRUCTION". Click on it and enter the code that you got earlier. Click submit and it will tell you "CODE OK" and bring you to the play page.

Click "Start Game" and play.

When you are done and submit your score, your score will be double. The maximum score you can win is 600pts. But because of the code, your score will be 1200pts. And 1200pts will give you 1000np.

So that's 1000np per game and thus, 3000NP per day.

NOTE: You have to enter the code everytime you play the game.

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