Haunted Wood Plot: Chapter 10 - More fighting  

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More fighting. The stones challenger are history and now you battle the trees.

The 3 new challengers:

Black Elm

Blathering Beech

Savage Sycamore

The are all still pretty easy to fight. Just that the battledome is running so very slowly. Sycamore has 50HP. So you have to go a few rounds. I finished him off with 2 scarab rings with Drain Life, then with Burrow and finally with Fiery Gaze. Even then he took 46HP from me. So I would say train your pet to at least 55 HP before fighting this Sycamore Tree. The Blathering Beech also took about 20HP from me.

I start off with 81HP and ended the battle with 35 HP.

I may have to send my pet to train in case there are more powerful challengers later.

If you get an error connection do a refresh. It should bring you back to the battle ground.

If you are thrown out of the battle ground page and found you can't find your pet when you want to continue to fight, go to the STATUES link and click it. That should show you withdrawn the battle and if your pet suffering any hp damage, it will be shown in your pet's HP.

If you found that you are still stuck in the battledome, go and unequip one of your weapon and re-equip it. That should do the trick. How do you know if you are stuck there. If you go the the healing spring, it will tell you "you can't heal when you are in a battle".

That's all for now. It's lagging very slowly.

You tell me. Are these Dancing Trees or what?

BTW, if anyone happened to lose to the tree, could you save a screenie and send to me? I will really appreaciate it. :D

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