Game: Holly Hobbie Holiday - 1,800np  

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Holly Hobbie Holiday

You will see ten videos. Take as much time as you need to study each video. When you're ready, the video will be concealed, and you will be asked a question about it. Each correctly answered question brings you more points! Keep your eyes peeled; if you answer three questions incorrectly, it's game over!

Hint: These are the question I had answered. There are more questions which I missed and will update when I get the answer correct.

Max Np you will get is 600np. So that's 1800np per day.

Pix 1:

1. What is the man dressed as santa claus holding – A Bell
2. What color of coat is the man who is waving wearing? – Blue
3. What does the sign in the store window say? – Merry Christmas
4. What is on top of the large Christmas tree in the town square? - A Star

Pix 2:

1. How many horses are pulling the sleigh? - 2
2. What color is doodles’s collar? – Blue
3. How many people are in the sleigh? – 3
4. Who has come to meet Holly Hobbie at the train station? - Amy and Carrie

Pix 3

1. Which item is not on the mantel above the fireplace? – Clock
2. How many picture frames are there above the front door? - 3
3. What color is Holly’s jacket? - Green
4. What is Uncle Dave cooking over the fire? - Popcorn

Pix 4

1. How many people are covering their ears? - 5
2. How color are the elf doll’s clothing? - Green
3. What does Uncle Dave use to activate teh elves? - Remote Control
4. What instrument are the elf dolls playing? – drum

Pix 5

1. How many people are working on the gingerbread house? - 4
2. What tools is being used to make the window of the gingerbread house? – Saw
3. What color of lollipop is not on the gingerbread house? - Blue

Pix 6

1. What color are Holly Hobbies tights? - Purple
2. What games are the boys playing on the ice? – Hockey
3. How many friends is Holly Hobbies skating with? - 2
4. Where did Holly Hobbie get her skating outfits? - She make it herself

Pix 7

1. What does Kyle do with his Giant Earwig Farm? – Hug Its
2. What does the box on the shelf say? – Giant Earwig Farm
3. What color of jacket is Robby wearing? - Blue
4. How much does the Giant Earwig Farm cost? - $45

Pix 8

1. Where are Holly Hobbies and her friends standing? – On a porch
2. What color is Carrie Coat? – Green
3. What color is Amy’s Scarf? - Purple
4. Why can't Holly Hobbie perform her solo, according to Amy and Carrie? - She has laryngitis

Pix 9

1. What does Robby take off the plate? - Cookie
2. What color is the chair beside the sofa? – Red
3. What is hanging on the wall behind the sofa? – Some masks
4. Where is Cheddar, the pig? - Out by the gingerbread house

Pix 10

1. How many elves do not fall over? – 1
2. What animal run out of the gingerbread house first? – Pig
3. What color is the elf’s hat? - Red
4. Who is chasing Cheddar, the pig? - Doodle

Pix 11

1. How many of the judges are wearing earmuffs? – 1
2. How many judges are there? - 4
3. What color of ribbon does the elf receive? - Blue

Pix 12

1. What does Willy do to Aunt Jessie and Uncle Dave? – Push them apart
2. What color is the old man’s sweater? Green
3. What does Willy say Unlce Love's Christmas decorations look like they've been hit by? - A Yuletide Tornado.
4. What field does WIlly say his next career is in? - Showbiz

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