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3 new games that I am totally not good at. Sigh...

1. Spyro: Magic Attack

Travel as Spyro and defeat the minions of evil in your land.

To play, use the arrow keys to move, 'c' to perform a front whip, 'v' to do a horn flip, and 'x' to cast a magic attack. Magic damages all of the enemies on the screen; collect magic icons from defeated enemies to refill your magic meter. Losing all of your health will cost you a life, and if you lose three lives, it's game over!

2. Nesquik: Up, Up and Away

Help Quikie and the kids get the basketball to the hoop in the sky!

Use your left mouse button to pass the basketball upward. Watch the movements of Quikie and the kids carefully, in order to correctly time your throws! You must get the basketball through the hoop before the timer runs out!

3. Cars: Grand Prix

Use the arrow keys to move your car and race through the tracks to the top rank. Avoid the walls and overtake the other cars for first place! The game is over if your car is destroyed on any stage.

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