Haunted Wood Plot - 3 more Opponents  

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3 more opponents are released. Go and have fun. I may just be able to fight the Shrieking Shadow. We will see...

Shrieking Shadow

Beginning HP: 50hp

I have managed to win him 3 times.
This is what I used:
2 scarab rings with Burrow - but no effect
2 scarab rings with drain life - took about 33 hp off him
2 scarab rings with sink - finished him off the 1st time.

2nd and 3rd time, he managed to heal about 30hp. So I used 2 scarab rings and fiery gaze or drian life. I wonder how many rounds I can fight him.

Creeping Shadows

Beginning HP: 75hp

Malevolent Shadow

Beginning HP: 150hp

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