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Soup Faerie

At the forefront of the Neopian Marketplace stands a small homely cottage shaped like a pot. That's where you can find the Soup Faerie.

The Soup Faerie is a kind and gentle soul. Unlike the other Faeries, she cares very little for her own appearance, preferring to spend her time helping the starving pets of Neopia. Any pet she comes across who is malnourished will be given free food and a warm bed until they are ready to brave the world.

The Soup Kitchen

There is a very large cauldron of soup in the Soup Kitchen! The Soup Faerie looks after it and makes sure there is always a plentiful supply for hungry pets.

If you don't have many Neopoints, you can always come to the Soup Kitchen to get free food for your pets. The Soup Kitchen is kept running by donations from the Money Tree, so make sure one day when you are rich that you donate!!!

How do you get free soup?
Remember, the Soup Faerie knows how much is in your Bank AND your Shop Till :)

If you are too rich, you will get this message:
Oh dear! You have XXXXXXXX Neopoints! Only really poor people (under 3,000 NP) can get handouts at the Soup Kitchen.

A Story from Neopedia:

The Soup Faerie

It's early in the morning, the sun isn't even awake yet, but the Soup Faerie is.

She's stirring the pot, adding this and that, getting ready for the long line outside her little cottage. The canisters on her shelves have no labels� all the ingredients are secret. Nobody stirs the pot but her. Of course, it isn't just any old ordinary cast iron pot. Like they say, in Faerieland, everything is magical. Even the dirty dishwater.

She pulls out the big wooden spoon (she never uses a metal one) and gives it a taste. Her face lingers for a moment, eyes closed, as she considers. Then, she reaches to those canisters on the wall, pulls one down, and adds just a touch of something that smells like it could be a little asparagus or maybe something a bit more exotic. It's always tough to tell.

A few more minutes of simmering and the soup will be ready. She puts the top back on the pot and wipes her hands on her apron� then she turns to peek out the door. A line has already started and reaches back as far as she can see. A little smile curls on her lips. "Almost," she says. "Almost ready."

She turns back to the pot... The pot!!!

The spot where it rested... now an empty space. The smell of the soup still lingers in the air, but the pot is gone. She runs around to every corner of her cottage, looking for any sign of an intruder... any sign of the pot.




She's collapsed on the hardwood floor, listening to their voices outside -- the hungry pets waiting for her to open her door. She shakes her head slowly, keeping the tears from escaping. Then, slowly, she rubs her hands on her apron, lifts herself to her feet, and walks to the door...

Items you can find related to Soup Faerie

Soup Faerie Book - 1,850np

Soup Faerie Soup - 7,999np

Stained Glass Soup Faerie Window - 700np

Soup Faerie Plushie - 120,000np

Soup Faerie Usuki

The Soup Faerie - 99,999np

Soup Faerie Snowglobe

Soup Faerie Mushroom - 350,000np

Soup Faerie

Here are some articles on the Soup Faerie at the Neopian Times:
1. The True Face of a Faerie: Soup Faerie
2. Theoretical Lily: the Soup Faerie's Ingredients

Lastly, the Avatar.

The soup faerie will give out her avatar randomly for those who feed their pet at her kitchen. Sigh... when I was poor, I was too busy making NP. Didn't know anything about this cute avatar. Now that I have made the NP, I am too rich to be able to feed my pet there. So ... I will have to say sayonara to this avatar. ... sobbing away... stomping feet... screaming "I want my soup avatar!!!!"

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Is there an ending to the story? Whatever happened to the pot of soup?

5:32 PM

The Neopedia left the story like that. I guess it's giving rooms for neopians to continue the story.

11:55 PM

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