Haunted Wood Plot: Chapter 5 - Steps  

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Step 1:
Go to the Game Graveyard.

At the bottom of the page you will see an image of a house next to a graveyard. Click on this house to be taken to the Caretaker's Vault. (Doesn't he looks familiar? LOL)

Step 2:
Choose Return to the Haunted Woods and click on the game Fetch.

Ignore what you are told to find and choose the hard difficulty.
Then Click on "Enter the Haunted Woods".

Search through the forest until you find a small stack of books.

Use the stars on the right to move. Go over to them and pick them up. Then you will get this message when you found the book.

Once you get your books click on the "Yes, I think fleeing sound like an excellent idea" button.

Step 3:
Go back to the Caretaker's Vault and give him the books.

This is pretty easy. I managed to get this done under 15 mintues. I really hope the next part of the plot won't be released on Saturday like it used to because I won't be in the country. LOL. I can't believe I am scheduling my holiday around this plot. Sigh... I am pathetic. HaHaHaHa!!!.

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