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I am going to do a series about Pets. I will also be providing some link to pets owned by Neopians which will give you the pet's related avatar. Please do not neomail them or harrass them to give you the pet, to lend you the pet etc etc etc. (yes, there are people like that out there) Thank you.

I will start from A. And A is for Acara.

Acara Day - June 28th

Acara is the 8th most popular pet in Neopia. As of October 2006, they were ranked 8th of 50+ species in popularity; with 6,324,433 Acara living in the lands of Neopia.

The Acara is a cat like creature with split ears and two horn-like tentacles on its head. Acaras are amphibious and can breathe underwater. They tend to be very playful and enjoy exploring, racing, and looking for hidden treasure under the sea.

When first introduced on the Neopets website on April 28, 2000, the pet now known as the Acara was an otter-like Neopet called the Tigren. They were chosen from a player's design as part of a Create-A-Pet contest. The name was changed on July 19.

On their pet day in 2005, Acaras received an art makeover which meant you now saw them from the side.

In the Neopets TCG, Acaras are associated with the element of water.

Famous Acaras include:

* Vira

A pretty but vain pet wishing to be the most beautiful Acara in the world, turned evil by that wish.

* Princess Fernypoo

Young and spoilt, Princess Fernypoo is not accustomed to losing, especially in the game CHEAT. Back home in her castle anyone who offended her was immediately thrown into the moat.

* Professor Chesterpot

This legendary adventurer found the location of Maraqua, the lost Battledome and pretty much everything else that was worth discovering.

* Roberta

She was a young anthropomorphic Acara and the niece of King Hagan of Brightvale. While trained to be a diplomatic envoy, Roberta was also secretly trained in the arts of Neopet magic.

Roberta made a trip to the Faerieland, under the guidance of her mentor Seradar, to ask the Faerie Queen, Fyora, about the dark clouds gathering over Meridel. Fyora promises to look into the issue but the Darkest Faerie attacked Faerieland that night and captured Queen Fyora. Roberta awakened in the middle of the night to find her mentor possessed by the Darkest Faerie's magic, and the castle invaded by the Darkest Faerie's minions.

* Masila

Devious and cunning, Masila is also known as the "Mistress of the double-cross". Her desire for power is insatiable, and she will do anything to reach the top of the Thieves Guild. She stays with Galem so that she may have his ear, allowing her to subtly shift his decisions towards her favour with suggestions that would otherwise seem innocent. What little softness she has left in her heart, however, belongs to Kanrik -- though Masila would never let her feelings get in the way of her quest for power.

* Mipsy

The spellcaster of the Neoquest II

* Elon Hughlis

aka"The Black Hole"

He plays the Right Forward on the Maraqua team during the 2006 Altador Cup. This high-scoring forward was known as "The Black Hole" because once he got the ball you can forget about ever seeing it again. Hughlis was the team's leading scorer because he never passed nor took way too many shots - regardless of how many players are guarding him!

Elon was awarded the "Most Selfish Player" award in the Altador cup awards ballot.

* Fauna

She is one of the twelve protectors of Altador, the Gatherer. Read about her story here.

* Senator Barca

Senator Barca has been deeply involved in Sakhmetian politics for the last thirty years. Although she's not a member of the Royal Family, her power and influence stretch far outside the walls of the city, which guarantees her presence and influence in the Royal Palace of Sakhmet for many years to come.

You can read more about him here.

* Ylana Skyfire

A mercanary working for Dr.Sloth. There is a 4 part story written on her found at the Neopian Times.

Avatar related to an Acara:

Angered Avatar

Visit a Male Royal Acara's lookup

Roberta of Brightvale Avatar

Visit The Scrollery

Vira avatar

You must have a mirror (a simple hand one will do, or any item with mirror in the title) in your inventory, then visit Vira - Gallery of Evil

Some interesting Acara to adopt?

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