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Aisha Day f- Jan 3rd

As of June 2006 they rank 20th out of the 50+ species, with 3,942,561 living in the land of Neopia.

The Aisha has a resemblance to a cat with four ears (two of different shape), two are shaped like normal cat ears, while two resemble antennae that look somewhat like hearts. These have been popular with the Neopets staff due to a numerous amount of Aisha heroes and villains. First drawn in a cartoon style, it has been progressing steadily in the Neopian world. Aisha's are intellegent, playful Neopets that usually have the most magical abilites, including spell casting.

Aisha also have a six-eared alien version, and are the only pets on the site that can be colored "Alien". Aisha, along with Lupes, are popular among TNT, causing them to appear in many plots, usually as one of the heroines of the story. However in recent plots (such as The Cyodrakes's Gaze) they appear as males, or are replaced by other species of neopets, such as Ixi or Acara.

In the Neopets TCG game, Aishas are commonly associated with the element of light.

Famous Aishas include:

* Jerdana

She is one of the twelve protectors of Altador and King Altador's sorceress. Before joining the Council of Twelve, Jerdana was a wanderer. She called no place home for very long and relied on the kindness of those she aided for food and shelter. The Aisha was searching for something, but even she was not sure what it was that she sought. Read about her story here.

* Lisha

Jeran's sister from Champions of Meridell Plot.

* The Court Dancer

She was none other than the daughter of the evil hag, Morguss. Under the guise of a gift from Lord Kass she was sent to King Skarl, and as Kass's troops attacked, Skarl was powerless to help, smitten with his beautiful new dancer.

The plan would have worked too, if it wasn't for Lisha who saw the dancer for what she really was. Where the Court Dancer is today, we do not know.

This event took place in The Battle for Meridell Plot.

* Princess Amira

Princess Amira was the oldest Aisha daughter of King Coltzan III and current ruler of Sakhmet. She was described as beautiful, elegant, cultured, and refined by those who know her personally, and enjoys exploring music and the arts. Amira finds her rule of Sakhmet to be boring and bothersome, due to the many suiters asking for her hand in marraige, and longs to be away from such a life and have excitement.
She can be found in the Lost desert plot.

* Isca and Caylis

Orphaned during the devastating destruction of Old Maraqua, Isca and her sister Caylis were rescued by King Kelpbeard during his search for survivors. Isca soon earned a respected place in the community, due to her amazing dreams that were able to see into the future, helping to avoid any possible calamities. Her sister, on the other hand, was plagued by nightmares of unstoppable disasters, which led to her being exiled out of fear.

Isca's greatest moment came when she was able (with the help of her childhood acquaintance Garin and pet Goregas) to help stop an invasion of New Maraqua by the violent and notorious Captain Scarblade. King Kelpbeard, whose trust she had lost by recruiting the aid of her surface dwelling friend, applauded the effort of Isca and her friends. After playing a defining role in the kingdom's victory, Isca and her sister Caylis were warmly welcomed back into Maraqua.

For the full story of Isca and her friends, be sure to read The Curse of Maraqua

* Prytariel

An Aisha playing as Left Forward on the Terror Mountain team during the 2006 Altador Cup.

* Purrow and Meesha

Rumored to be high-ranking member of the Aisha Thieves, a group of Neopian cat-burglars.

* Megan

She is the gypsy woman and Petpet owner from the PlayStation Portable game Neopets: Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing. She tried to keep the Wand of Wishing away from Archos. Her Petpet ran after the stolen Wand.

* Hoban

The navigator of "The Cyodrake's Gaze", who was lost at sea after sailing into a storm.

* Princess Sankara

Princess Sankara is the Heiress to the throne of the Fourth Khonsu Dynasty. Princess Sankara was sent to Sakhmet by her father before an attack by King Heksas. King Coltzan III took the princess in and made her a member of his court. Though she has been advised against it many times Princess Sankare hopes to one day lead an army to her homeland, Khamtef, and defeat King Heksas.

Princess Sankara was 1 of 5 suspects believed to have poisoned King Coltzan III's food at a feast. Ultimately, it was revealed Princess Sankara poisoned King Coltzan III.

* Sophix II

A vain alien Aisha mercanary working for Dr.Sloth.

* Captain Xelqued
Creator of the Aisha Myriad after successfully infiltrating the hidden tower of Faerie Queen Fyora.

* Lyanka

She is the Aisha that runs the Cork Gun Gallery in the Deserted Fairground.

Avatar related to an Aisha:

Alien Aisha avatar

You need play the vending machine

Aisha Defender Avatar


Disco Aisha Avatar

Visit The Lookup of a Disco Aisha

Good or Bad Avatar

Visit the Chapter 5 of the Curse of Maraqua plot page

Pirate Aisha Avatar


Scalawag Avatar

Random Event when you win at Buried Treasure which costs 300np a go

Some Aisha I find interesting:

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