Haunted Wood Plot - Ch 6 - Steps - Updated  

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Step 1: Go to Game Graveyard

Click on the Caretaker's Vault and it will bring you to the vault.

Step 2:
Click Visit the graveyard

Choose a graveyard (just like the digging, fetching, testing part)

If it has been marked, you will see this:

Initially, you are to find a gravestone that does not have a red X on the right top corner. But this get marked so fast, a lot of people can't find an unmarked grave, including yours truly. But we have found out that though the grave are mark, some people didn't cross out the list on the book. So what you need to do is go through all those marked grave and try to find one that say it hasn't been marked.

If you find a grave with this message: "It looks like nobody's marked this grave yet!" Write down the name and date of death and go find the name in the books.

Step 3:
Once you've written down the information, click "Leave Grave" (I forgot to click this and it gets me nowhere.) Then click the "Return to caretaker's vault" button.

It will bring you to the vault. Go through the shelves and try to find your book.

Select the appropriate bookshelf for the month you wrote down. If it's the wrong shelves, you will see this:

If you get into the right shelve, this will appear.

Click on the name you saw on the grave stone and you will see Sophie saying well done.

Note: click on the arror next to the page number at the bottom if your name is not on the 1st page.

That's it. Go back and do it all over again, provided you can find an unmarked gravestone.

If you click on the gravestone that you had just marked this is the message you get:

If the graveyard you're in is full (often) you can leave the grave yard you're in by making your way to opening in the fence.

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