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January 6th - Gnorbu Day

As of October 2006, they were ranked 45th out of the 50+ species, with over 500,000 created.

The Gnorbu is a Llama-like Neopets released on January 6, 2006. Gnorbu known for their spirited sense of humour, and enjoy making others laugh even if it's at their own expense.Despite its natural lack of agility, the Gnorbu has a kind heart and a good-natured outlook that can win it many friends. They also enjoy social activities such as browsing through shops in Neopia Central or eating with their closest friends.

The Gnorbu was originally made public under the name Llamameeah, as part of the April Fool's joke in 2005. They are great jokers, and very social, but dislike it when people do not pronounce the word "Gnorbu" correctly (pronounced NOR-boo).

Famous Gnorbus include:
* Captain Tuan

He is the captain of The Cyodrake's Gaze and has taken it upon himself to find his lost crewmate Hoban. He was hesitant to allow outside help to find Hoban, but as the plot progressed he realized the users help was needed. He allowed a crew member to be interviewed each time his ship moved. This ship is now anchored at Shenkuku.

* Derlyn Fonnet

Derlyn Fonnet is one of the players for 2006's Altador Cup, and a Left Defender for Kreludor. As powerful and tough as any defender playing today, this Gnorbu's offensive abilities are what set her apart as a truly unique talent. Not only can she tackle a forward and wrestle the ball away, but unlike most defenders she can also turn upfield and lead the offense, displaying an incredibly light touch as a scorer or passer.

There are no special avatar related to a Gnorbu except for the default avatar which is available to everyone.

Here are some Gnorbu:

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