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Grarrl Day - Oct 4th

As of October 2006, the Grarrl is ranked 19th out of 50+ species. Over 3.9 million have been created.

Grarrls are one of many different species that exist in Neopia. As a general rule Grarrls have voracious appetites and will eat absolutely anything. If you own a Grarrl, you had better keep them well-fed or they could start helping themselves to your items!

The Grarrl has the distinction, along with the Chia, of being one of the first Neopet species ever created. According to the editorial archive of the Neopian Times it is the first drawn neopet.

In the Neopets TCG, Grarrls are associated with the element of darkness.

Famous Grarrls include:
* Galgarath

A Grarrl of noble spirit, Galgarroth was a trusted friend and advisor to Lord Darigan during the kingdom's more peaceful days. When the citadel invaded Meridell to retrieve their stolen orb, Galgarroth served as second-in-command to Lord Darigan, and commanded his armies.

However, when the power of the orb drove Darigan mad, the Yellow Knight (who had escaped the Darigan Citadel with the aid of Master Vex) was able to convince Galgarroth that his lord had gone insane and become a threat. Along with the aid of both Meridell and Darigan's forces, they were able to destroy the Spectre of Darigan. Later, during the Kass wars, Galgarroth was punished for not giving in to Lord Kass's false lordship over the citadel.

* Galem Darkhand

The honorless thief. He was the former Grarrl leader of the Thieves Guild. However, his love for Masila proved to be a weakness for him. After a battle on Terror Mountain, he was defeated by Kanrik.

* Torakor the Grarrl Gladiator

aka The Gladiator from his constellation in the sky is a Blue Grarrl, and one of the 12 heroes of Altador. He fought King Altador and was defeated, and was inspired by his strength to join his cause. He also posed as a knight in Meridell and taught Tormund how to fight in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie.

* Grarrg

Grarrg is one of six elders of Tyrannia. He is the Tyrannian Battle Master, and fights off any threat to his village. He is available to fight in the Battledome.

* Gargrall

the Grarrl who has been capturing Petpets and forcing them to work his mines in the game Petpet Rescue. You can play the game here.

* Grarrl Trooper

The Grarrl Trooper is a Tyrannian-like Grarrl and an opponent during The Tyrannian Invasion, released on May 6, 2001 along with Skeith Invaders. While there were thousands of Grarrl Troopers, one named Gragarex has been singled out in a NeoDeck card. Gragarex loves nothing more than wreaking havoc, and his attacks have left Chias running for their lives.

* The Robo Grarrl
A battledome challenger from the Space Arena. Difficulty 150.

* Harlis Neyhbol

The Goalkeeper on the Tyrannia team during the 2006 Altador Cup. It was the strangest thing. Harlis went out in front of the net one day and, without even moving a muscle, he watched as a shot sailed past him... then another... and another. Something was wrong; something which was keeping him from going after the ball. His situation got so bad that he even spent a few years out of the game. Then, one morning, he found that everything was back to normal, and within a week he'd signed on with Tyrannia.

* Gordo Gunnels

Right Defender on the Roo Island team during the 2006 Altador Cup. This gruff enforcer may not provide much scoring, but his ferocious blindside tackles have made him one of the feared defenders in the game today. Players are advised to know where he's at on the field at all times!

Grarrl related Avatar:

Darkhand Avatar

View the Neodeck card - Galem Darkhand via the side searchbar.

Grarrl - Darigan Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Darigan Grarrl.

Grarrl Warrior Avatar

Equip your Grarrl with either the Bony Grarrl Club, or the Horned Grarrl Slingshot.

Keno avatar

Match 4 eggs being hatched in Grarrl Keno

Tyrannia Stamp Avatar

Complete the Tyrannia Stamp Collection. Expensive Avatar.

Want some grarrl for a pet? I have been offered a Disco Grarrl. I am still thinking hard. If I accept, I have to put one of my current pet for adoption. Sob..sob..sob... But to have all my pet as disco will be so cool. But a Grarrl? Still thinking very hard. What do you think? Disco?

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