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Gelert Day - Mar 6th

Gelerts are among the most popular Neopets. As of October 2006, they were ranked 6th in popularity out of 50+ available species. Over 7.2 million have been created.

The Gelert is a dog-like creature that was added to Neopets on January 25, 2000 as the Polypup. On July 19th, 2000 the Polypup's name was changed to Gelert and its look was updated, but that would not be the last time the Gelert changed its look.

On November 2nd, 2001 TNT added the Pick-The-Gelert Competition, which featured 5 new designs for members to pick from. Both Gelerts #5 and #2 officially won (although the joke design, #3, actually had the most votes) so the two designs were combined and the final version (released on 29th November 2001 has not changed since.

The Gelert is a distant cousin to the Lupe. They are joyous creatures, with a love of anyone and everything. Legend and myth have been written about the brave deeds of Gelerts and such stories have made Gelerts a household name. If anything, their love of children make them excellent baby sitters. However, don't let their fun-loving nature fool you; like their Lupe cousins they're fiercely protective of their friends and family.

In the Neopets TCG, Gelerts are associated with the element of fire.

Famous Gelerts include:
* Kanrik

He is a Thief. He is a blue Gelert. He betrayed Galem at the proddings of Masila, and tried to overthrow him with the help of the Bringer of Night, but failed in his attempt, and was banished. Disgruntled after being poisoned by Masila and abandoned by the Thieves guild, he joined forces with Hannah and Armin. Together they successfully saved the Bori in Terror Mountain.

Ultimately, Kanrik defeated Galem and took his place as leader of the Thieves Guild. Before returning however, he carried Hannah, weaked from her accursed condition, to Taelia for medical assistance.

* Elwyn the Gelert

He wrote The Gelert Diaries about his adventures on Terror Mountain.

* A Gelert which is the embodiment of Revenge as one of "The Three," mysterious spirits who haunted Lord Kass and eventually drove him mad.

* Bruno

He is the eldest son of Edmund and Alice in the Tales of Woe Plot. He is the first to take the potion from the Krawk.

* Tandrak Shaye

Tandrak Shaye is one of the players for 2006's Altador Cup, and a Right Forward for Darigan Citadel. Though he may not excel an any one particular aspect of the game, there are few Yooyuball players with more all around talent than this great Darigan Gelert forward. There was some concern about him dealing with nagging injuries toward the end of the regular season, but Shaye claims that he's now 100%.Tandrak shaye is also the player who scored the first and only goal for Darigan Citadel in the finals against Haunted Woods.

* Vitri Sitol

A Gelert playing as Left Forward on the Meridell team during the 2006 Altador Cup. As talented as he is, the biggest knock against Vitri is that he likes to argue... a lot. When he's not complaining about being held or kicked by an opponent, he can usually be found giving someone an earful, whether it be spectators, coaches, teammates - even the Yooyuball itself!

* Celandra
A longtime loyal Gelert servant to the Faerie Queen, Celandra's curiosity makes it hard for guests of the Queen to keep secrets. However, Celandra and the Queen's shared appetite for keeping up on the latest gossip has had a tendency to make the other Faeries nervous.

Avatar related to a Gelert:
Starry Gelert Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Starry Gelert, while you have an item with the word Starry in the name

Spot Avatar

Visit A Spotted Gelert's Lookup

Pick your own avatar

Pick Your Own berries- get 6 items in the basket making sure NONE is a pile of dung and once you click to leave the farm you get the avatar

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