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Elephante Day - Jan 16th

As of October 2006, the Elephante is ranked 25th. There are 2,754,669 in the land of Neopia. I used to own one just so I can get the avatar and I have to feed it expensive peanuts too. LOL...but, I ... Never mind...

The Elephante was introduced on January 13, 2000. As their name suggests, Elephantes are similar to elephants, the only differences being two small wings (which only allow them to hover for short periods of time) and a rabbit-like fluffy tail. Although cute, they are not completely harmless, being able to shoot objects from their trunks with great accuracy. They are generally kind and generous.

In the Neopets TCG, Elephantes are associated with the element of air.

Famous Elephantes include:
* Zombom

Zombom is the second boss in the Meridell part of Neoquest II. He is an evil Elephante wizard that appeared out of the sky and declared to White River City that he would 'rule all the lands' and then cast a spell on the town bridge preventing them from using it.

* An unnamed Elephante
which is featured with a Puppyblew (a Petpet), stars in the game 200m Peanut Dash, in which the Elephante hurls a peanut from his trunk and the Puppyblew, which you control, has to catch it.

* A Pharmacist?

One kind and helpful Elephante works in the Pharmacy dispensing medicines to pets who have become ill.

* The Gypsy

He is the story teller from the Tale of Woe plot, who told a story about Neovia.

* Pacha

Pacha , the Vet is a Tyrannian Elephante who runs the Tyrannian Petpets Shop. As a veterinarian, Pacha takes pride in caring for the Tyrannian Petpets sold in his shop, caring for them and nursing them back to health. Once they have recovered, Pacha allows them to find a home to be loved and appreciated as they were during their stay in his shop.

* Salayne Ritad

Salayne Ritad is the Goalkeeper for Altador Team in Altador Cup 2006. As if Altador's trio of suffocating defenders isn't enough, they also have a pretty fair goaltender. Just how good a goalkeeper is Ritad? Well, that's hard to say, since he faces so few shots.

Avatar related to Elephante:
Jazz Avatar

Take your pet to a Jazzmosis concert. Remember to buy a ticket first.

Stop Thief Avatar

Score 1100+ at Grand Theft Ummagine. A game avatar that I will never be able to get. Sigh....

Surprise Avatar

To get this avatar you need to own an Elephante and feed it a bag of peanuts. This bag of peanuts doesn't cost S$600,000 Haa!haa!haa!haa! but about 90,000np.

To War! Avatar

Visit the Lookup of an Elephante that has battled. Not sure if this one still work or not.

Here are some interesting Elephante:

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