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Draik Day - Sept 9th

As of October 2006, the Draik is ranked 53rd favorite pet in Neopia. There are only 10,243 Draik around. Very limited.

The Draik is a Dragon-like Neopet, from the land of Meridell and are usually featured as knights and castle guards. They are released on June 25, 2005 without any warning,

The Draik is a limited edition species. They were originally released on June 25, 2002. They look like small dragons and are thought to have originated from Meridell. They almost have feline-like personalities and enjoy hunting small creatures, satisfying their curiosity, and wandering far away from home on extended adventures.

Draik are limited edition Neopets, They were released as Limited Edition Neopets along with Ixis, While Ixis are now available normally, no more Draiks have been released. Instead they became available through special use of an item, the Draik Egg, similar to the way a Krawk is received. Draiks are hard to get. They are not released on Draik Day, their special day, but can be obtained through many other ways. (See below on how to get a Draik)

Besides hatching a Draik from a Draik Egg, you can also buy a Morphing Potion to change your Neopet, or take them to the Lab Ray. All methods are expensive, as the Lab Ray is in high demand and Draik Eggs and Morphing Potions are in limitted number. The facts members recieve an Avatar for owning a Draik and visiting the Draik Nest makes it all the more expensive. Because of the difficulty it takes to own a Draik, they are considered a symbol of ones status in Neopets.

In the Neopets TCG, Draiks are associated with the element of Fire.

Famous Draiks include:
* Valrigard

Was imprisoned in Meridell Castle for a crime that he did not commit. He is the star of the game Escape from Meridell Castle.

* Swordmaster Talek

Introduced in the Curse of Maraqua Plot, is a Maraquan Draik. He is the loyal servant and master-at-arms for King Kelpbeard's aquatic army, Swordmaster Talek is a Draik who has never been one to back down from a challenge. Through years of intense training, Talek has refined the art of underwater swordsmanship with the mysterious material of maractite. Even during the time of peace while Maraqua was being rebuilt, Talek took it upon himself to train other warriors in the event of another attack. Thanks to his foresight and love of battle, Swordmaster Talek played a significant role in the defeat of Captain Scarblade and his invading pirate crew.

* King Terask

An immensely big and strong Draik, is the last enemy to defeat in the game Neoquest II, in two incarnations. The first time he has 2,500HP. The 2nd time he came back with 5,000HP. Fleeing from him is practically impossible.

Cawley Embith

A Yellow Draik and Left Defender for Altador in 2006's Altador Cup. He's a lanky defender with long limbs, which helped him become a master of blocking opponents' shots and passing out of double teams when trapped in a corner. His ability to generate turnovers is admired by Altador's fans, but they wish he could add more offense to his skills.

Avatar related to a Draik:
Escape from Meridell Castle Avatar

Be on the top 50 list when you play Escape from Meridell Castle.

Hatched Avatar

You need to OWN a Draik, make it your active pet and visit the Draiks Nest.

Mutant Draik - Back Off! Avatar

Visit a Mutant Draiks lookup

Want a Draik? There are 4 ways to get it:

1. You need a Draik egg. There are Red Draik Eggs, Blue Draik Eggs, Green Draik Eggs, Yellow Draik Eggs and the new Darigan Draik egg. It's trading between 3-4 million np.

Or you can buy it from the Meri Food Shop. With restock being so random, it's really difficult to get it from the shop now. Not a lot of people are that patient. LOL.

Then go to Draik's nest, where your Draik will hatch from the egg.

2. Draik Morphing Potions or Draik Transmogrification potion

Draik Transmogrification potion is trading for 3.3 million NP

Draik Morphing Potion is tradig for 3 million NP

3. Try your luck at the Pound

4. Lab Ray

Don't you agree that the Draik looks a lot like Dragon?

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