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Eyrie Day - Oct 10th

Eyries are one of the most popular Neopets. As of October 2006, they were ranked 7th most popular out of 50+ available species. The population of Eyrie in Neopia is about 6,391,669.

The Eyrie looks basically like an eagle-headed, winged griffin. Eyries live in tropical regions and like to play, but like the griffins, they can be quite fierce and cunning in battle, especially if their territory is ever threatened. They are also known for generally being adventureous, eager to learn, and noble.

I owned a pink Eyrie now. But she will be sent to the Lab soon.

In the Neopets TCG, Eyries are associated with the element of air.

The pet now called the Eyrie was originally the Cerpull, one of the original pets, which looked more like a dragon than a griffin. It was first changed into the more gentle Tatsu on July 13, 2000, before being completely redesigned to form the current Eyrie on January 26th 2001.

Famous Eyries include:
* Lord Kass

Lord Kass is an Eyrie and former general in the army of Lord Darigan and took over the rule of Darigan Citadel after his defeat. By exploiting the media, he managed to convince his people to go to war with Meridell again in the Battle for Meridell Plot.

And the star of his own game Whack-A-Kass and there is story at neopedia.

* Cap'n Threelegs

The extremely generous yet gruff owner of Cap'n Threelegs Swashbuckling Academy. You can send your pet there to train,

* Jahbal

The final boss of the normal level of Neoquest I.

* Talinia

Talinia is one of the team members in NeoQuest II. Talinia is an archer who fires arrows at your opponents, and is located on Terror Mountain in Chapter 2 of the game.

Talinia was found by Rohane in a Mountainside Inn, and appeared to be fully aware that she was in a simulation she couldn't escape from and called Rohane by the title "Captain". She stayed in the inn because she wasn't strong enough to fight them on her own, and with Rohane presence she could finally do so by joining forces with him.

* Branston

He is the lord of the dance floor, and when he isn't strutting his stuff, he loves to gamble. Self-obsessed and egotistical, Branston's mind tends to wander, so he isn't the best player in the world. He has been known to throw down his cards and leave in a huff in the middle of a game.

Branston is not too difficult to beat, and he gives you a basic battlecard if you catch him cheating once, a silver for twice, and gold for three times caught.

* Eyrieki

The second enemy on Defenders of Neopia series 2. Eyrieki is an undead Eyrie, who was released from his tomb on May 26, 2006 by an archeologist, and attacked Sakhmet. Fought against Lightning Lenny, and even imobilized him to the point where he couldn't run anymore, but was eventually defeated and placed back in his coffin.

* Thyora

The creator of the battledome item Thyora's tear.

According to legend, the amulet which now bears the name of Thyora's tear harkens back to the tale of an Eyrie named Thyora. Supposedly, one day a Water Faerie came upon Thyora as she sat weeping at the bank of Mystery Island's Kumlaa River. When the Water Faerie asked Thyora what was making her so sad, she replied, "Oh Water Faerie, thank you for your consideration. You see, I am mourning the loss of my brother Ponfrie. He was felled in a struggle to save our home from a hoard of rampaging Skeiths..."

* Fiorina

Right Forward on the Meridell team during the 2006 Altador Cup. The most prolific scorer among Meridell's three forwards, Fiorina would really like to have an outstanding tournament since she's in the final year of her contract. If this Eyrie can put together a top-notch performance in the tournament, King Skarl will need to come up with plenty of tax money to keep her from jumping to another club.

* Jair Tollet

Left Forward on the Maraqua team during the 2006 Altador Cup. An above average scorer and passer, Tollet hardly gets the publicity she deserves, due to all the attention that is paid to her fellow forward Elon Hughlis. There have been recent rumblings that Tollet is looking forward to signing on with another squad at the end of the tournament and getting out from under Hughlis's shadow.

Avatar related to Eyrie:

Got Dubloons? avatar

Train a pet at the Swashbuckling Academy. You will receive the avatar when the course completes (you need to press finish to get the avatar)

Lord Kass minion Avatar

Visit Lord Kass's at the Gallery of Evil

Plushie Eyrie Avatar

Go to post a new topic on the Board.
Type squawk for both the topic title and topic message and nothing else. JUST squawk.
Make sure you spell it right.
Then click "Create Topic"
You should then get a Something Has Happened.

Robo Avatar

Put a Robo pet item in your neohome

Want some Eyrie?

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