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Blumaroo Day - Aug 8th

As of June 2006, the Blumaroo is ranked 33rd out of 50+ species, with over 2.1 million living in Neopia.

Blumaroos are native to a small island named Roo Island, which is just off the coast of Neopia Central. The Island is ruled by the naïvely benevolent King Roo and his possibly malevolent councillor, Advisor Broo. While most Blumaroos are inherently pleasant creatures, there are a few evildoers among them. Most famous of these are Commander Garoo, second only to Dr. Sloth himself in power. He is the sixth Defenders of Neopia mission. There is also Count Von Roo, a vampire who rises at about midnight to fight in the Battledome and dice with the extremely late-nighters. To win his game will gain you a Neoboards Avatar and a level for your pet, but to lose can have severe consequences. Boris, the Blumaroo of the Meridell plots, hero-worships Count von Roo and dresses like him. Mastermind, the final boss of the evil level of Neoquest I, is also a Blumaroo, as is the Archmagus of Roo.

In the Neopets TCG, Blumaroos are associated with the element of air.

Famous Blumaroos include:

* King Roo

Ruler of Roo Island. You can read about it here.

* Advisor Broo

He is the advisor to King Roo on Roo Island. He supposedly runs the kingdom while King Roo plays Dice-A-Roo all day.

* Archmagus of Roo

A boss in NeoQuest I, Level 31 and has 200HP,

* Rohane

He is the hero of NeoQuest II.

* Lilo Blumario

A right forward for the Team Roo Island in the Altador Cup, Lilo was awarded the "All-Stars - Forwards" award in the Altador cup awards ballot.

* Horace

One of the members of the band of thieves from the Lost Desert/Qasala Plot. He wasn't much of a thief, however. He is also in the game "Ruins Rampage"

* The Jelly Blumaroo

From Bouncy Supreme, a game located in Jelly World.

* Commander Garoo

Commander Garoo was the chief commander of Dr. Frank Sloth invading army during the enslavement of the Grundo species. Nobody knows how Garoo ascended through the ranks of Sloth's evil army so quickly, but within a matter of three years Garoo had been appointed chief commander of Sloth's invasion and capture of the Grundos. It is believe it was his mean temper, foul attitude, and utter contempt for other Neopets that caught his Sloth's eye.

Commander Garoo has not been seen since Sloth was defeated and the Virtupets empire crumbled. It is for certain though he will come out of hiding when his master returns.

* Chef Bonju

The chef on the "Cyodrake's Gaze",

* Count Von Roo

Count von Roo is one of the nastier denizens of Neopia. Born in 200 BN (which was a very long time ago), this vampire Blumaroo was scorned from society for his evil ways. Cast out, and alone he wandered Neopia for years, travelling only by night, until he came upon a small uninhabited Island, and Island that was soon to be known as Roo Island.

From 12 midnight to 1 AM NST, Neopians can visit Count Von Roo at Roo Island for a game of Deadly Dice.

* Oogaroo

The Blumaroo representing the game Tyranu Evavu.

When you play this game and get 15 correct guesses, you will get an avatar.

Avatars related to a Blumaroo:

Court Jester Avatar

Tell the Grumpy Old King a joke, and score at least 800/1000

Deadly Dice Avatar

You must get a draw and win on the 2nd play. Click Here to Play. It is only open between 12AM and 1AM NST (that's 4pm Singapore/Malaysia Time). Once you have won against the Count and got the avatar, you may lose it if you play again and lost to him.

Deckswabber Avatar

Get a score of more than 800 at deckswabber

Dice A Roo Avatar

Play Dice A Roo and win the jackpot - Land on the Silver Dice and collect your prize and you will be rewarded the avatar.

Fire Blumaroo Avatar

You must own a Fire Blumaroo and have an aged Fire petpet (71 days?)

Lord Kass avatar

Play Whack-A-Kass and score 900 or more

Neoquest II Weakling Avatar

You have to be beaten by a plains lupe in Neoquest II

Want some Blumaroo as pet?

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