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Ever wonder how many kings there are in Neopia? In the latest issue of The Neopet Magazine No. 19, there is an article about the Kings of Neopia. Curious about it, I decided to check the land of Neopia for these kings.

There are these kings:
King Skarl
King Hagan
King Roo
King Kelpbeard
King Jazan
King Coltzan III
King Altador

Let's begin with King Skarl.

Who is King Skarl?
Name: King Skarl
Pronunciation: (Skarhl)
Species: Skeith
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown. Old and grumpy, that's for sure...
Interests: Eating, taking credit for the actions of others.
Darkest Deed: Allowing his knights to steal a magical orb from Darigan's kingdom.
Honoured For: His role in leading Meridell successfully through two terrible wars.
Quote: "Bring more food!"
Related to: King Hagan of Brightvale (his brother).

Though known for being grumpy and prone to eating too much, King Skarl has nevertheless ruled his kingdom with fairness and his own special brand of wisdom. He is held in mild contempt by his brother, King Hagan, whose enlightened kingdom often looks down upon the simpler land of Meridell. Meridell, in turn, slightly frowns upon the haughty and often self-righteous kingdom of Brightvale.

Skarl's kingdom has displayed a tremendous loyalty to its king, who has led its people through a dreadful battle against the Darigan Citadel, a peace that he attained afterward with the people of Darigan, and finally, yet another fierce battle (this time with Lord Kass). King Skarl's kingdom, after years of trial and hardship, has proven to be a strong land, with a King who's slightly smarter than he looks.

Where can you find King Skarl?

He can be found at the Meridell Castle
King Skarl is better known as The Grumpy Old King. He is not happy. Some say he's not happy because his kingdom was destroyed by the forces of Darigan?

Upon checking, I found out that Meridell has been involved in two wars. The first was the Champions of Meridell which was the first Neopian war in which the players get to choose sides. It took place on July 23, 2002.

The second war was The Battle for Meridell which took place between February 2, 2004 and May 13, 2004.

No wonder he is so grumpy. :D

However, why does millions of neopians came to visit him daily since he is so grumpy? These neopians came for a reason. To cheer him up. To tell him a joke . If he likes it, he may reward you with prizes. *Ooohhh* however, if he doesn't like it ... who knows what will happen. He's been an angry fellow for a long time.


If you tell a really bad joke and he threw you out of the castle, he will award you an avatar - Skarl - Moody Avatar before you leave.

And if you score high enough, you will be given a trophy.

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