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King Hagan

King Hagan, brother of King Skarl, i seen by his subjects as a brilliant ruler who encourages learning in his realm. While those from neighbouring kingdoms might appreciate his dutiful approach to education, they are sometimes put off by his haughtiness. These detractors have been known towhisper that if he were really that intelligent, he would know that being humble attracts more allies. (source: The Neopet Magazine,#19)

In year 6, a new area known as Brightvale was found. It was ruled by Skarl's brother Hagan. This kingdom focused strongly on the importance of knowledge. Hagan believes that wisdom can triumph where war cannot. During the Meridell Wars, he didn’t help his brother, even when Skarl needed him most. This appears to be how Hagan showed his disapproval for the war.

You are invited to go to him at the Castle to enlighten him with words of wisdom. But be prepared for his opinions. They may not be very nice.

I was once told I am such a failure, I didn't know whether to jump off a cliff or to dig a hole to bury myself. Sigh...

However, if he likes what he hears, he will reward you with a few books, an avatar and some np.

If you are good enough, he may even give you a trophy or two.

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