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Who is King/Prince Jazan?

Jazan is a Kyrii, the only child of King Razul. He has powerful skills from the dark side but not as malicious as his father. He is over 200 years old due to a curse placed on him and all of his people by his own father who wanted to gain immortality and supreme power. He is accompanied by his faithful Uni friend, The Nightsteed.

Since his evil father Razul was defeated (in the Lost Desert Plot), Jazan has ruled the land of Qasala. Though he and hsi kingdom were previously cursed, jazan now successfully leads with a stern, yet lovig, heart. He and his wife nabile are greatly adored by the citizens of Qasala, who often leave the pair offerigs adn wishes for conintued happiness. Despite everything that happened in the past, Sakhmet and Qasala have managed to develop a solid political relationship.
(from Neopet Magazine Issue #19)

Where can you find him?
In the Lost Desert Plot

A little information about King Razul:

There are hardly any words capable of describing Razul's villainy except, perhaps, 'monstrous.' Driven by an insatiable lust for absolute power, he desired immortality so badly that he cursed his entire city (including his own son, Jazan) so that he could one day rise from the grave.

This twisted demon has now returned, unleashed by a prophecy that Jazan falsely believed would save his people. Razul, in a maniacal frenzy, has gleefully begun burning Sakhmet to the ground. And that's only the beginning...
(from the Gallery of Evil)

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