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Halloween Specials and the sidebar

Come October 31, the USA will celebrate Halloween. As usual our pet celebrate halloween at Neopie. Now your pets are all dressed up in their costumes and where do they go to tricks or treats?

Here are some Trick or Treat spots:

Tyrammet Village
The Mystery Island Mystic
Kreludan Mining Corp.
Deserted Fairground Scratchcards
Smuggler's Cove
Jhudora's Cloud

How to make the Halloween sidebar permanent?
Refreshing at midnight NST 31st Oct in the Haunted Woods. That's Singapore/Malaysia Times at 4pm on Nov 1.

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Hi, what do you mean by trick or treat spots? What do we need to do? Just visit those sites?

:( I won't be able to try for the halloween sidebar. Will be in office at that time.

7:25 PM

It means go to these places on that day and hopefully you will get some good random events and if lucky, a halloween paintbrush.

10:59 PM

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