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In Issue #19 of the Neopet Magazine, they have an article on the Top 10 Chocolate items in Neopia. I thought it's interesting to share this bit of information. (Neopet is very slow to refresh for me today to let me find the images. So will update the image when I find them)

1. Chocolate Bartamus
Type: Petpet
Rarity: 101
Current Approximate Worth: Priceless
Actual Worth on Trading:

2. Choco Spray
Type: Candy
Rarity: 100
Current Approximate Worth: 10 million NP
Actual Worth on Trading:

3. chocolate Motlenore
Type: Candy
Rarity: 99
Current Approximate Worth: 1.3 million NP
Actual Worth on Trading:

4. Gilded Flow Chocolate Fountain

Type: Furniture
Rarity: 95
Current Approximate Worth: 600,000NP
Actual Worth on Trading : 150,000NP

5. Chocolate Dr. Sloth
Type: Candy
Rarity: 95
Current Approximate Worth: 160,000NP
Actual Worth on Trading:

6. Chocolate Bed

Type: Furniture
Rarity: 82
Current Approximate Worth: 18,000NP
Actual Worth on Wizard: 9,999NP

7. Chocolate Fyora Crown

Type: Faerie Food
Rarity: 88
Current Approximate Worth: 8,9000NP
Actual Worth on Wizard: 6,200NP

8. Baby Cybunny Chocolate Egg

Type: Candy
Rarity: 80
Current Approximate Worth: 5,200NP
Actual Worth on Wizard: 8,800NP

9. 2/3 chocolate Omelette

Type: Tyrannian Food
Rarity: 101
Current Approximate Worth: 5,000NP
Actual Worth on Wizard: 4,000NP

10. Milk Chocolate Meepit

Type: Candy
Rarity: 101
Current Approximate Worth: 1,000NP
Actual Worth on Wizard: 1.250NP

There is also a Chocolate! Avatar.

Buy any rarity 90 and over item from the Chocolate Factory.

I haven't got this yet because I have forgotten about this avatar. LOL. I should try to get this avatar.

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