Game: Igloo Garage Sale - The Game  

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Igloo Garage Sale - The Game

Mika and Carassa are at it again, it seems their attic of old bric-a-brac is constantly full! Use the arrow keys to control Mika left and right to pick up the items that Carassa throws down the screen, and use the up key to jump.

Be careful not to break anything - if you drop five items in any one level its GAME OVER!

Like I say it so many time, when there is a game there require me to use my hand, my brain and my eyes together at one time, I am not going to get much NP from it. I really need to learn to use my motor skills. Sigh... All I can earn from this game is 380np per game. So that's 1000np. But I am sure there are tons of people who can score better than this.

I am too embarass to reveal the score to qualify for the trophy. Hmmmm.... I should be able to get this trophy .... say.... in my next life? :P

File this under Game I can never master and Trophy I will never get.

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