Haunted Wood Plot: Step 6  

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I have just got home from my short trip and have not even unpacked and here I am in front of the computer trying to see if there is another step to the plot. Heeheehee!!!!

Digging, Fetching Potion and Testing Bones.

Step 1:

Go to the Graveyard Game in Haunted Wood

Step 2:

After reading the conversation, Click Examine the Graveyard list. It will bring you here.

See what Sophie is saying. She could be telling you to dig, or fetch potion.


If you click on Find a different graveyard. You will see a list like this. Just click on one number.

On the top right hand corner of Sophie's instruction page, click "enter graveyard". It will bring you to a screen like this:

Start moving around to find an un-dig grave stone. When you found one click on it and if there is a question mark on one of the spot, click "Join the digger".

Once there are 4 of you (you and 3 other real neopet players), wait for your turn to DIG. When it's your turn to dig, your pet will have a reddish square around it. Like this:

Now you have to act fast or else you will be kick out and won't be able to do anything for a few minute (I think it's 5 minutes). Once you click "dig", quickly click "wait". Keep clicking wait until you see your pet is in the red.

When the grave is all dug up, you will see this:

This is what I got from my digging session.

I have gotten a few petpet: Sludgy, Candy Vampire,

After you have finished digging, you have to go back to Sophie's instruction page to get the next task. After a task, you can't do the same task immediately. However, you can do one of the other 2 tasks immediately.

To exit the graveyard, go back to where you enter the page in the beginning. It's the place where the gate is not completely closed.

Note: Don't abandoned the grave you have entered or else you will have to wait a while to do another task.

The Grave

Those tombstone with a clear area in front are grave that hasn't been dug.
Those tombstone with a hole in front are grave that are totally dug.
Those tombstone with a small brown dot in front means it's been dug.
Those tombstone with bones in it means there are bones there to be tested.

Fetching Potion:

If Sophie asked you to fetch potion, you will see this instruction.

Click on 'Sure, I can handle it. Which ingrediant?' See what se wants.

Then go to Sophie Shack and click on the door. It will bring you inside where there are all these potions. Then go Here and check which potion is what.

Click on that potion.

Then return to Sophie (by going to the Graveyard Game and check graveyard list). Then you will be rewarded 50np.

Then she will ask you to rest.

This is so much easier than digging. But as I love collecting junk, I love the rewards of digging.

Testing Bones:

Go find a graveyard. If there are no bones, you will see this:

If there are bone to test, you will see this:

You remove a large bone from the coffin and examine it. Some quick estimates tell you that it weighs 2,757 grams and has a volume of 1,198.70 cubic centimetres. How many drops of potion do you put on the bone?

You divide the weight with the volume. The answer will be Y (round it off. say if the answer is 2.2994, the it sound be 2.3) Then multiply 2.3 x 2.3 (square the answer), You should get 5.29. Then multiply this answer by 25. You get 132.25 So you type in 132

If you got it wrong (I type the wrong answer!!!! arrghh!!... sob..sob... sigh...), you will get this:

You potion will only allow you to do one test. If your answer is wrong, go back to Sophie and get another potion.

If you guess correctly, you will see this.

Tip: If you can't find a tomb to test your bone, just click on one of those tomb with an unopened grave - meaning just a tiny brown dot. Then go in and you will see 4 players digging. And a message saying no more room. Just click on the wait and click away until the message saying there are bones to test. Then click continue. Heeheehee....

Update: Seems like others know about this tip too because it didn't work for me the 2nd time. Oh well ... It's the battle of the ISP now.

Step 3:

Just keep doing all the above until all graveyard are dug. This remind me of the lost desert plot where we have to dig sand. But this is so much more fun.

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