7b - Neoquest I - Two Rings, Jahbal - Pt 2  

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I will have to train till Level 49 here and try to get as many Superior Healing Potion and Spirit Healing Potions from these monsters. I am suppose to enter this
palace at level 47, but I came in one level lower, at level 46. Though these monsters are horrifying and they drain 100hp from me practically every round, I managed to gather a few spirit potion and collect enough of those superior potion that I used to heal.

Level 1 monsters:

Palace Guard
A palace guard was carrying a Spirit Healing Potion!

Palace Servant
He can drain you 100HP and add it to himself. He will also heal himself too.

A palace servant was carrying a Spirit Healing Potion! (this heal 155hp)

Palace Guardian

Palace Gardener
Beware of this gardener. She can drain you 100hp and 50hp one after another. So be alert. I nearly got killed once because I got distracted. LOL!.

Palace Ground Keeper

Palace Sentry

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