Friendly Guide to Altadorian PetPets  

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These are the petpet that you can find at the Lengendary PetPet Shop.

Generally speaking, an Alabriss isn't large enough to carry more than a few pounds, but it is among the swiftest of Neopia's flying Petpets. While they are often cranky with strangers, Alabrisses tend to be quite war companions for their owners.
Wizard price: 17K np

The Vaeolus is a fiercely loyal Petpet that does not like being touched by anyone other than its owner. If you're a stranger even an innocent pat on the head can leave you with burns and a bitten finger! Please exercise caution around these Petpets if they are not yours.
Wizard price: 69k np

This feisty creature has three times as much attitude as most regular Petpets (and gets into three ties the trouble as well!). If you ever feel like your Neopet needs a personal bodyguard, the Hydruplit may be an excellent choice.
Trading price: 130k np

This Petpet's strange and mythical powers have been known to keep many potential owners at bay. Countless rumours circulate about their magical abilities which have led to numerous misunderstandings about what they can or cannot do. One thing's for sure though: they are an incredibly loyal and noble Petpet species and any Neopet should be proud to own one.
Trading price: 1.4 million np

These frolicking and carefree Petpets are found all over the flowered hills surrounding Altador. If you try to approach one, it will most likely flee. However, once it is a short distance away, a typical Naalala will be unable to resist turning around and watching you.
Wizard price: 22k np

Altachucks aren't what you would generally regard as brave petpets. In fact, they're scared of just about anything that moves, doesn't move, or starts with the letter "D." No one is exactly sure why. Of course, even if they could speak and tell us why, they would probably be too scared to explain.
Wizard price: 3k np

Though it lacks the cute and fluffy appeal that many petpets possess, the Hermiteese is an extremely intelligent Petpet that can learn simple tasks with ease. They are always eager to help their owners and are great at fetching items.
Wizard price: 5,750np

These bread-and-cheese-devouring Petpets are cute, though they tend to lack any true spark of intelligence. They'll happily follow your Neopet anywhere he or she goes. Unfortunately, however, some suspect that's more out of habit than a true sign of loyalty.
Wizard price: 4,799np

Source: Neopet Magazine Issue #18, Vol 4. No. 4

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