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Ohayou gozaimasu, Konnichi wa, Konban wa, whereever you are. I am patzzihii. This is my story.

My statistics:

Age : 568 days old (13653 hours)
Level : 19
Owner : Judy
Gender : Female
Height : 36 cms.
Weight : 36 lbs.
Hit Points : 66 / 66
Strength : EXCELLENT (51)
Defence : bulletproof
Movement : EXCELLENT (52)
Intelligence : clever
Fishing Skill : 127

Employment Agency:
Jobs Completed : 1
Jobs Failed : 0
Job Rank : Beginner

I was borned a male Green Pteri because of a myth. Rumor has it that if someone owned a Pteri and when the golden pteri came for a visit, you will be rewarded plenty. And she had the Pteri visited her a few times but she didn't own a Pteri then.

Unfortunately for her, after owning a Pteri nothing happened. Getting mad, she raised 500,000np and sent me to The Mad Scientist, where he zapped me with his crazy machine and I was turned into a Scorchio. A Yellow Scorchio.

Well I guess the mad scientist pitied my yellow color and decided zapped me again and again and again (you got the picture) into a Fire Scorchio.

Happy with me being all firery, she took me home and we were happy for a few months. However, one day after months of not visiting The Lab, she heard her friends talking about their visits.

So she decided to try me out again. The Lab changed me to a female, then back to a male.
On the 3rd visit, on March 20, 06, I was zapped into a Desert Scorchio. Not bad yah? I kind of love myself in this outfit. Like an Eygptians. She seemed happy and I was sparred from visiting The Lab. However, she didn't stopped visiting the Mad Scientisi. She was bring another pet. Poor Redhii.

Few months later, she had enough of me being Deserty and sent me back to The Lab and I was changed into a Green Kiko. I know she loves kiko, but green? Furthermore, she has another kiko. An Island Kiko. Go check her up. She is Redhii. I knew I will be visiting The Lab very soon. All those laser and rays ... arrgghhhh!!! It hurts you know...

This is what happened then:

Jul 10, 06, Mutant Kiko, I am.... hmmm.... hmmm....

Jun 14, 06. Pink today. She feed me some popcorn and I got her that Pink Avatar.

Jun 30, 06, I turned into a Spotted Kiko. I knew I won't stay like this for long.

True enough, on July 18,06, after kiko day I was sent back to the lab, and at 5:18am NST, I was a Rainbow Kiko. Yak!

A gossip: She took advantage of kiko day and sent me for massive training. You can train your pet for free on their special day. Nothing scandalous about that. The funny thing is this. She can send me to the Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy once every 6 hours. Because Kiko days was on a weekend this year, she could start sending me to the academy the whole weekend. So she rescheduled all her activities just so she could send me to the avademy 6 hourly. LOL. Haahaahaahaaa!!! Anyway, during the night, she will only goes to sleep after she sent me to the academy and by the time she wakes up, she could sent me again. ROFLOL. haahaahaahaaa!!!! What a miser and cheap-skate. But I did gain a few levels and Hit Points.

July 22, 06 - me - Green Elephante.

July 27, 06, a Striped Elephante. She was not happy with this and so back to the lab.

Nothing happened for a month. All this while, I gain and loss some Levels, HP, Strength.

Then on Aug 29, 06, I became Yellow Uni.

Sept 10, 06, a Fire Uni

Sep 13, 06, a Electric Uni

Sep 14, a Yellow Wocky

Sep 19, a Blue Flotsam

Sep 20, a Shadow Flotsam

Sep 22, A Green Hissi

That's it. Until next time. Arrivederci.

After 2 weeks of zapping, this Green Hissi is pretty much done. Several upgrading of levels, hit points, increases of strength and movement, and even changing of sexes, those electric current and molecules transformation finally changed me into a Red Eyrie. Hmmm... how am I feeling? I don't know. What's so good being red when you can be a Royal?

Here's my statistic now on Oct 14, 2006

Species : Eyrie
Colour : Red
Gender : Female
Age : 588 days
Level : 17

Health : 91 / 84
Mood : delighted!
Hunger : very full
Strength : EXCELLENT (57)
Defence : bulletproof
Move : EXCELLENT (55)
Intelligence : clever

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