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Yes, I subscribe to the Neopet Magazine. And in this month's issue, there is an article that I think is useful for all. Defenders of Neopia - The ultimate Guide.

So continuing from here, I will reveal details on how to defeat every villain from the 1st series of Defender of Neopia. Source: Neopet Magazine. Issue #18, Vol. 4

Mission 1: Pant Devil

Difficulty Rating: 21

Starting Hit Point: 22

Location Hint: You never know when or where he may strike ...
(for this, you just need to have him strike at you. So go around the site or refresh like crazy anywhere. When he appears and steal something from you, you will get him)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 8

Tips: Purchase 2 scarab Rings, which are amazing weapons for their price, since they both attack and defend. You'll easily win the battle with just these items!

Scarab Ring - 2,000np

Mission 2: Ghost Lupe

Difficulty Rating: 32

starting Hit Points: 32

Location Hint Pay close attention to that first comic panel ...
(Go HERE and refresh.)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 13, though it's possible with 8

Tip: Beware of the Icy Snowballs!

Invest in a Leaf Shield to defend yourself. Though it will be tough, but his battle can be won with only 8 strength. TNT suggest training up to 13 strength.

Equip yourself with a leaf Shield, a healing item (such as the Bronze Scorchstone, which is more expensive but never breaks, or a Lesser Healing Scroll, which is cheaper but only lasts a while), and a Purple Sticky Hand.
Also, keep a Scarab Ring equipped, just in case you run out of snowballs.
Fill the remaining slots with Exploding Snowballs.
Use the Leaf Shield to protect against the Ghost Lupe's Icy Snowballs, while using the Purple Sticky Hand to grab his Grand Lightning Beam.
Continue using the Leaf Shield and pelting him with snowballs, heal when necessary.

Leaf Shield - 9,000np

Bronze Scorchstone - 40,000np

Lesser Healing Scroll - 4,000np

Icy Snowball - 120np

Mission 3: Cave Chia

Difficulty Rating: 58

starting Hit Points: 61

Location Hint He likes to doodle on cave walls ...
(Refresh HERE.)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 13

Tip: It's recommended that you increase your Hit Points to at least 16, just to be on the safe side.
It also recommended that you add an Ice Mote to your arsenal.

Begin with 2 Scarab Rings, a Leaf Shield, a Purple Sticky Hand, and 2 Exploding Snowballs.
First, grab his Blue Frost Cannon with your Sticky Hand, so he can't freeze you.
Then, use a Scarab Ring and the Ice Mode to attempt to freeze him. Once he is frozen, slam him with 2 Exploding Snowballs on fierce attack, then finish him off with the dual Scarab Rings.

Purple Sticky Hand - 2,000np

Exploding Snowballs - 350np

Mission 4: Meuka

Difficulty Rating: 60

starting Hit Points: 75

Location Hint Generally found around fellow snot. Ugh, is your Neopet sick?
(Your pet must catch Sneezles or NeoFlu and then you must refresh here. You can get the sickness from The Wheel of Excitment.

Suggested Minimum Strength: 35

Tip: This is anasty opponent. Before you begin, make sure your neopet is at least level 10, and give him or her four bottled earth faeries, which will grant your Neopet the "burrow" ability.
Please note that you must activate abilities on your Neopet's Quick Ref Page.
Your pet should have at least 25 hit points.
Also invest in a Downsize!
Meuka's Radioactive Muffin and Snot Gloves attacks are absolutely devastating.
Burrowing will hopefully prevent this combo from taking you out, but you'll need a little luck.
Start the battle by burrowing and throwing two Snow Mudballs at Meuka.
Some suggest water Muffins, but those are much more expensive.
Next, use your Downsize! While throwing another Snow Mudball.
Then, if needed, use a Lesser Healing Scroll and Scarab Ring.
Continue fighting defensively with the Scarab Rings until meuka is down.

Bottled Earth Faerie - 5,500np

Downsize! - 8,000np

Snow Mudball - 1,000np

Mission 5: Brain Tree

Difficulty Rating: 91

starting Hit Points: 105

Location Hint he's pretty hard to miss ... That big tree in the haunted Woods? Why don't you do him a favor?
(Complete a Brain Tree quest here!
To get the answer to Brain Tree's question, you need to complete 2 of The Esophagor's quest.

Suggested Minimum Strength: 35

Tip: The Brain Tree is an easier opponent compared to Meuka, but he has the ability to heal, which makes this battle challenging.
When planning your strategy, you should go in very strong on offense.
If possible, invest in an item that freeze 100% of the time, instead of depending on unreliable items like Snowglobe Staffs and Ice Motes.
You can buy a Scroll of Freezing, but this is a breakable item and may only last a few battles or only one.

When the fight starts, defensively throw a Fire Muffin while using your freezing item.
Once the Brain Tree is frozen, fierce attack it with 2 more Fire Muffins.
On your final turn, unleash your last 2 muffins while burrowing, and hopefully that know-it-all tree will go down!

Scroll of Freezing - 77,000np

Fire Muffin - 2,000np

Mission 6: Commander Garoo

Difficulty Rating: 120

starting Hit Points: 120

Location Hint He's the stationary type who enjoys outer space.
(Refresh HERE. It's random. It may take a while, it may take a few click. It took me 2 weeks to get him.)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 55

Tip: You need to train to 55 strength and about 50 Hit Points to consider battling this Blumaroo.
You will also need to upgrade your healing item.
A Greater Healing Scroll should do the job.

Begin the battle by burrowing while unleashing a Fire (or Water) Muffin and your freezing item.
With the commander frozen, send 2 more muffins his way with fierce attack (or berserk, if your neopet is level 50 or higher).
Use another muffin and your healer, regardless of how many Hit Points you have left.
If he does manage to pull through, use a Scarab Ring or another stronger weapon to finish him off while using your Downsize! It will be close, but you should make it, especially if you've trained to 50 and have berserk attack.

Greater Healing Scroll - 36,000np

Water Muffin - 13,000np

Mission 7: Tekkitu The Witch

Difficulty Rating: 120

Starting Hit Points: 150

Location Hint Mystery Island is a great place to tour, you know.
(Let one of your pets take the Tiki Tour here!

Suggested Minimum Strength: 55

Tip: This battle is exactly like the battle with Commander Garoo.

Leveling to 50 is highly recommended so that you can use berserk attack and deal more damage when he's frozen.
The only difference TNT suggest is using the more expensive Water Muffins because Tekkitu can blocks quite a few of the Fire Muffins.
TNT recommended that you level up to 30 so you can give your neopet 8 bottled dark faeries to gain the 'sink' ability.

Water Muffin - 13,000np

Bottled Dark Faerie - 6,000np

(Update: I have since done individual post on each mission with screenie from my fight. Instead I will do individual post for each challenger. Please see post in the Defender of Neopia - Series 1 category.)

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