The Cyodrake's Gaze - Chapter 5 - update  

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The Cyodrake's Gaze

It appears our wayward seafarers have returned to Mystery Island. Before you even venture on deck, you can see Captain Tuan is not happy.

Though they're lost, they've made it back to Mystery Island safely. Without their Navigator, however, they may be stuck here.

"We're running out of time... and patience. I've been going over the statements from various crew members and, though I can't quite put my finger on it, the pieces don't fit. I'm now quite convinced that someone on my vessel knows more than they are letting on. I'm not sure who, but with your help, we can figure this out. We must find Hoban... for his sake and for ours."

Not that he wasn't before, but Captain Tuan is quite serious now. He suspects this was no accident, and that's quite unsettling.

"I believe we've only Anshu left to question. He is the physician on board, which makes me hesitant to believe he had any involvement in this, but I'm not ruling anyone out just yet. Please, speak with him and see what you make of it."

You nod your head to Captain Tuan in agreement as First Mate Shumi pulls a small object from his pocket. He hands it to the Captain and the Captain addresses you once more before you leave.

"Ah, yes. I wanted to give you something. This is a key to Hoban's map room. It would appear he went over with most of his precious maps in his possession since there is little left in the room itself. I've been going through the maps hoping for a clue, but I've had no luck. There may be something I've overlooked. Please, feel free to see what you can find. He is quite obessed with those maps of his, but I'm sure he'd prefer a rescue and a disorganized map room than losing his life while lost at sea."

This time you have to speak to Anshu and Visit Hoban's Map Room.

Update: Aug 31, 2006 at 8pm

Go and speak to Captain Tuan and you will have the option to spill the bean.

You've spoken with everyone, so you return to the Captain, who is still on the bow.

"That's it, then. Everyone is questioned, thanks to you, but we're still no closer to finding Hoban. Our only course of action is to settle here in Mystery Island, our original destination. Perhaps one day he will return here and we can... well, I won't get my hopes up. I cannot speak for the crew, but I am grateful for all the help you've given, despite the outcome. I have no qualms about living here on Mystery Island knowing the average Neopian would help even a stranger in need."

It seems he's finally given up, but not for lack of trying. He's searched for weeks. He's done all he can to find Hoban. There's still the question of where they came from in the first place, but it's probably best you don't ask about that right now. There'll be time for that if they're going to make a home here.

Then it hits you. Not like a ton of bricks, because you'd be dead, but it's still a pretty big epiphany... you know what happened! Even better, you know where to find Hoban. Who knew you were so smart?

"What?! This is no time for jokes, friend. You... you're serious. How do you know? Well, nevermind all that right now. If you know where he is, lets go get him!"

He rallies the crew and they prepare to set sail while you reveal Hoban's location...

You have the option to make a guess or re-read the comic and revisit the map.

So, you think you know what happened to Hoban, the navigator? Why don't you make a guess here? Select when he fell off, who pushed him, where he was on the ship when he fell, and where he is now.

Think carefully and make your guess. Good Luck.

This is my guess based on what I read on the board. I am too lazy to use my brain tonight. Want to get this done before I go off on a week holiday.

You've already made your guess:

Who pushed Hoban? Anshu
When did he fall? 6:00
Where on the ship did he fall? aftdeck
Where is Hoban now? I22
Do you like Hoban's hat? yes, it's very stylish

Check back in a few days -- perhaps the mystery will finally be solved!

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