The Cyodrake's Gaze - Chapter 4  

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The Cyodrake's Gaze

With all that's happened, it's not really much of a surprise for the Cyodarake's Gaze to end up in the Lost Desert, but a ship in the sand is still a strange site. To the Captain you go!

As dependable as ever, the Captain is on the bow as he always is. You already know they've not found their navigator.

"The crew is increasingly concerned, as expected, but even though we've yet to find Hoban, we are starting to narrow our search using the information you've collected, which gives us hope. We are now quite certain he fell during the storm and not before, reducing the search area by quite a bit. Speaking with the rest of the crew will help to narrow it even further."

You've already talked to Kentari, the weapons master and Neopet in charge of security, and Chef Bonju was second to provide information. Both were quite helpful, and meeting more of this mysterious crew would be quite exciting.

"I would suggest Linae next. She's yet to be beaten at a game of Kou-Jong, proving she has a keen eye and can be quite observant. She may be able to provide some more information."

Linae it is! If you recall, she's the Kougra you frequently see on deck. You turn to leave, but Captain Tuan calls out your name before you can get very far.

"I... would like to thank you for your help so far. I must admit I was skeptical at first, but you've proven to be quite genuine in your willingness to help and I am grateful. If more Neopians were like you... perhaps we could..."

He trails off... lost in thought. You're about to ask him what he means exactly when he speaks up again.

"In any case, you have our thanks. Please know we will not rest until we find our navigator, and we hope you'll continue to assist us."

First Mate Shumi nods quite heartily in agreement. Alright, then! You're more determined than ever, now. It's time to talk to the next crew member.

So go read Chapter 4 of the comic.

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