Game: le tea: Slimmer and Prettier - 3000np - Update  

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le tea: Slimmer and Prettier

All you need to do is grab the le tea drinks and avoid the other bottled drinks! And to get 1000np per game, you just need to score 500 points. That easy.


Another 3000np per day.

When you see the bottle, just click on the girl and she will bend a little. That way she can avoid the bottled drinks. When you see the tea, just click on her to receive it. And she gets slim after drinking the tea. :D

Update: July 28, 2006

This game has been taken off. I guess this game offended some neopians and it has an early death. :D But some people has found the direct link to the game and it's still playable and you still can score max 3000np per day. Just click on this play link.

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