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My petpet found a petpetpet. But I have been refreshing the inventory for the past 1/2 hour and it still refuse to attach to my petpet. sigh... back to refresh.

Update: after 45 min of refreshing, it finally attached to my petpet. Both my finger and F5 need a break now. LOL.

What is a Petpetpet?

Petpetpets are very small creatures whose existence, up until very recently, was unknown. Many of them resemble bugs and insects. We do not really know what they do or where they come from, but they seem to like hopping onto Petpets.

How do I get a Petpetpet?
Petpetpets are usually found by your Petpet. Very rarely, Petpets are able to catch one of these elusive little bugs in their mouth, and happily bring them back to their owners. While most Petpet owners make an awful face, stick the offensive insect in a jar, then try to sell it in their shop, others think that the little bugs are adorable.

How do I get a Petpetpet on my Petpet?
If you simply leave the little bug in your inventory, it will eventually get bored and hop on to your active Neopet's Petpet. That's assuming, of course, that your active Neopet has a Petpet.

How do I remove the Petpetpet from my Petpet?
Once a Petpetpet attaches itself to a Petpet, it's impossible to get off. If you really want it off, you'll have to unequip your Petpet. However, when you unequip your Petpet, the Petpetpet will become angry and disappear.

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Y must refresh? U mean it can't attach to petpet by the usual way? :) May

8:00 PM

Yap, You can't attached it the way you attach your petpet to your pet. You have to keep refreshing the inventory page and praying hard that the pant devil or whoever doesn't come stealing anything. That's why you need to have like 48 items in your inventory while refreshing.

6:38 PM

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