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10,000 feet above Neopia sits a cloud, a gigantic cloud stretching tens of miles in each direction. Resting on the cloud it is a vast city that has been home to the Faeries of Neopia for as long as anybody can remember... Faerieland!

It has a giant castle in the sky, full of games, puzzles, and faeries galore. Poogle Races take place every 15 minutes! Also check out the secret hidden tower... if you can find it!

Poogle Racing
1. Place your bet. Races begin every 15 minutes in Neopian time (that is, :00, :15, :30, :45). You can only place your bet within ten minutes of the race's start.
2. You need to return later to see the race.
Note: If you do not return and watch the game, you will not get the avatar.

The poogles
Poogle One- his odds of winning are 3:1. If you bet on him, you will be be paid 3 times you have bet. Poogle One is the 'favourite' to win.
Poogle Two- his odds of winning are 4:1
Poogle Three- his odds of winning are 5:1. He's known to be clumsy.

Poogle Four- his odds are 7:1.. They say he used to be the winner but he's etting old.
Poogle Five- his odds of winning are 9:1. It's said he is getting fat.

When you correctly bet on the 1st-place winning poogle you will get an avatar.

Faerie Cloud Racers
You will get an avatar when you submit a score of 2000+.

Wheel of Excitment
It cost 150np to play. And if you landed on the 10,000 slot, you will get an avatar.

Faerie Petpet
Healing Spring
Juhundras Cloud

Faerie City
Welcome to Faerieland city centre. There are lots of interesting places to find here, including games, shops and an employment agency! Why not look around and see what you can find?

Math Nightmares
Faerie Crossword

Faerie Food - The price is a bit overpriced. Better to check the wizard and get familiar with the price.
Faerie Bookstore
Faerie Furniture - It's a bit difficult to restock here. The furniture goes very fast.
Faerie Weapon Shop

Employment Agency New job is available every 10 minutes.

Altdor City
Clicking the window

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