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Prehistoric Neopia was recently miles beneath the Ice Caves.. go there for dung furniture, evil pterodactyls, rock concerts, and of course a giant omelette!

Tyrannian Jungle

Grarrl Keno

The avatar is randomly awarded while playing the game Grarrl Keno. It is said among neopian that it is more frequently achieved if you play this game in Internet Explorer. You have to match a certain number of eggs to win. For instance, if you choose 8 numbers, 4 of them must match for you to win.

Tyranu Evavu!

Avatar will be given when you correctly guess 15+ cards in a row.
It cost 30np to play a game.
And remember the language they speak here is different. Higher is tyranu and lower is evavu. Just guess if the card is higher or lower.

Chia Bomber 2

Avatar is given when you submit a score of 1300+

Volcano Run

Avatar is given when you submit a score of 3500+

Mini Golf

Wheel of Mediocrity

Avatar is given when you landed on the 1,000 neopoint prize spot and claim your prize.

Tyrannian Petpets
Tyrannian Furniture
Tyrannian Foods

To the North you can see the barren rocky plains of the Tyrannian Plateau.

High up in the Tyrannian mountains is a vast expanse of dry rock known as the Tyrannian Plateau.

Go to the Tyrannian Styles and check what your pet will look like with a Tyrannian Color.

Pop into the Concert Hall and see which band is playing. Some band will give you an avatar. Will do a detail description of the concert in anothe post. Remember to buy the ticket at the ticket booth before going into the concert hall or else:

Lair of the Beast

You enter the dark cave and slowly make your way forwards, brushing spider webs aside as you go. Up ahead you can hear some loud scratching noises, as if some creature was near... perhaps it can hear you too.

Climbing up the rope you emerge into a small cavern. The only other exit seems to be a large dark hole in one wall, big enough for you to climb through. Surrounding the entrance are jagged spikes of rock, giving the appearance of teeth around a central mouth...

You can hear heavy breathing coming from inside... warm air blows out of the cave mouth as the creature exhales. Do you wish to proceed??

Wheel of Monotomy
You can only play this once every 24 hour.

The avatar will be randomly awarded when you either land on the ?, 5000 NP or a Paint Brush prize spot in the Wheel of Monotony and collect your prize.

Prizes you can get from the Wheel:
Mazzew - Mazzew Petpet or a Sabre-X Plushie
Petpet Paint Brush - Wheel of Monotony Avatar, Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush
Three Berries/Gourmet Food - Evil Blancmange, Honey Blossom, Raptraphant Leg
Burning Stick/Tyrannian Weapon - Tyrannian Weaponry, Your neopet loses half their HP. These points can be regained if you heal your neopet.
Bag of Neopoints - 5,000 neopoints, I Love Kacheekers T Shirt, Kacheekers Strategy Guide, Kacheekers Poster, Pterattack Poster, Sargug Plushie, Wheel of Monotony Mug, Wheel of Monotony Pen, Wheel of Monotony Plushie, Wheel of Monotony T-Shirt
Question Mark - Lottery Ticket, Pterattack Action Figure, Wheel of Monotony Avatar
Faerie Pancakes - Your neopet will be blessed and one of its skill levels will be increase. Your neopet must have at least one faerie skill bestowed on it previously for this to work. To have faerie skills bestowed on your neopet, release a bottled faerie on it. Note that if your neopet isn't a high enough level, the freed faerie will simply fly away so you should consider increasing your neopet's level at the various training schools. For a complete list of what abilities can be gained, refer to Garmfay's Abilities Table.
Red Symbol/Red Codestone - Mag Codestone, Sho Codestone
Green Symbol/Bri Codestone - Bri Codestone (which bears the same symbol), Main Codestone
Volcano - New battledome opponent (Magnus the Torch), Takes you to the volcano at the edge of Tyrannia
Rock - Your neopet loses half their HP. These points can be regained if you heal your neopet.
Scroll of Paper/Poster - Flaming Gauntlet, Fungus Ball Ball, Fungus Ball BeanBag, Fungus Ball Lamp, Fungi Ball Lamp, GoGoGo Handbook, I Love Kacheekers T Shirt, Kacheekers Board, Kacheekers Plushie, Kacheekers Poster, Kyruggi Plushie, Pterattack Action Figure, Pterattack Bean Bag, Pterattack Game Guide, Sabre-X Plushie, Sargug Plushie, Uggsul Plushie, Wheel of Monotony Mug, Wheel of Monotony Pen, Wheel of Monotony Plushie, Wheel of Monotony T-Shirt, Wheel of Monotony Poster, Green Brightvale Job Coupon
Blank Ticket - Lottery Ticket
Paint Brush - Tyrannian Paint Brush, Wheel of Monotony Avatar, Bri Codestone
Pteradactyl Beast - Takes you to the Lair of the Beast where a Pteradactyl jumps out and scares you and your pets. Be ware of the sound! Your neopet will lose half their HP.
Five Neopoint Bags - 20,000 neopoints, Wheel of Monotony Avatar, Rock (pet loses half his/her HP)

Note: The most often prize I got is a visit to the Pteradactyl Beast Lair. Sigh...

Giant Omelette


Go here and read more detail description of this game and the trophy you will get.


Go here for detail description of the game and the trophy you will get.

Destruct-O-Match II
In Destruct-O-Match II you have to group up boulders of the same colour, and then click to remove them. Only groups of 2 or more matching boulders can be removed in this way. The more boulders you clear at once the more points you earn, and to progress to the next level you need to achieve a certain number of points.

You will get an avatar when you submit a score of 2500+


They speak a totally different language here. Gal-aka-fyaaaar! Ugga here a-ugga Plateau

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