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Terror Mountain
There are three lands here. Firstly you can go to Happy Valley, a snowy hamlet at the foot of the mountain, then traverse your way through the Ice Caves, and lastly to the peak of Terror Mountain itself!

Happy Valley

Pop down to the Merry Outfit Shop and see what your pet looks like if you paint it with a Christmas Paintbrush.

Christmas Advent Calendar
You can come here everyday in December to collect free gifts and neopoints.
Rumor has it that if you refresh here long enough on other months, you just may get a christmas paintbrush. I have gotten 2 paintbrushes before which I sold for 600,000np. But it's not happening lately.

Snow Wars
You can win trophy when you beat all 10 opponents. It cost 100np to play.
Snow Wars II

Avatar awarded when you submit a score of 10,000+
Rink Runner

Wintery Petpets
Slushie Shop
Happy Valley Ice Cream

Ice Caves

The Snowager
A gust of cold wind assaults you as you enter this vast ice cavern. In the center you see a massive pile of treasure... thousands, possibly millions of rare Neopian items, the biggest hoard you have ever seen.

On top of the pile of treasure you see a massive worm made out of ice. This must be none other than the Snowager! You have heard legends about this beast, about its greed, and how it likes to eat Neopets for every meal (and sometimes between meals too!)

Either he's awake:

Or asleep.

and if you are lucky, you get a treasure.

If you are unlucky, you get a blast of icy cold water. But if you are really, really lucky, you may get the avatar which is given randomly. I only got this avatar after visiting the snowager for 18 months.

Avatar is awarded randomly when your pet(s) are blasted by the Snowager.

His nap times are at:
2-3 pm NST
10- 11pm NST
6-7 am NST

Treasure you can get from the snowager are:
Neggs: Jhudora Rotten Negg, Melted Chocolate Negg. Negg, Purple Negg
Scratchcards: Race to Riches Scratchcard, Terror Trove Scratchcar, Faerie Fortunes Scratchcard
Snowballs: Wet, Poison, Evil, Yellow, Peach, Sand,
Book: Bruce Snowball Strategies,
Petpet: Abominable Snowball
Battledome Weapons: Basic Rubber Axe, Bubble Beam, Rotten Artichoke, Plastic Butter Knife, Cheap Rings, Canon, Lightning Beam, Lightning Gun, Lightning Wand, Sword of Domar, Rainbow Gun, Trumpet of Blasting, Trumpet of Deafening, Supersize!, Supersize Mega Ultra Plus, Gelert Wand, Sparkshooter, Moehog Hoof Pad

Ice Crystal Shop- selling Magical Ice weapons
The Neopian Neggery

Terror Mountain

The Snow Faerie's Quest

Because this quest is way too expensive in my opinion, I will not complete it.
Minty Snowflake Cake - 16,000 NP
Blueberry and Orange Blend - 5,500 NP
Flaming Hot Chips - 3,999 NP

When the time is up, you can go back and ask for a 2nd quest. But she will greet you with this first. So exit and go back again.

But if you complete the quest for the very first time, you will get an avatar.

Donny's Toy Repair Shop

Igloo Garage Sale - The Game
Cliffhanger Refer to the post on Game.

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop
Tarla's Shop of Mystery

And what do I get? I paid 1,288np for this (arrgghhh!!!!):

Igloo Garage Sale
Mika and Carassa are Chias who have lived on Terror Mountain for years and years, however it's been SO cold lately that they have decided to move somewhere with a more tropical climate.

Things here are cheap. But you may get a good bargain. You can't negotiate on prices. When you click on the item, that' the price you will pay. But the price is always way cheaper than in regular shop.

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