When my pet is sick  

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You pet will get sick. Either get a disease from the Wheels or it get injured when you visit the Snowager or in a battle. So what do you do?

When your pet gets a disease, you can either:
- buy the medicine. Go to the hospital and check what's the cure and go to the phamacy or the wizard to buy the medicine. But this can be costly.

- Go to the Healing Spring every 30 minutes and try to heal until it's completely healed.

Where is the Healing Spring?

Go here:

It will get you to here:

Click on healing spring.

It will bring you to here

Click on “Heal my pet”

It will tell you how many points the faerie has healed your pet. Sometimes it will just give you the healing potion.

Say if your pet's HP (health point) is 10. It's fully healed when it's 10/10. If it's like 5/10. it means it's not fully healed.

Where is the Hospital and Pharmacy?
The hospital is at the Neopian Plaza.

The pharmacy is at the neopian central.

If you can't wait for the Healing Spring to heal your pet, you can buy the potion (from the wizard)

Here's the breakdown of how much each potion will heal your pet.
Healing Potion I heals 1 hp
Healing Potion II heals 2 hp
Healing Potion III heals 3 hp
Healing Potion IV heals 5 hp
Healing Potion V heals 8 hp
Healing Potion VI heals 10 hp
Healing Potion VII heals 12 hp
Healing Potion VIII heals 15 hp
Healing Potion IX heals 20 hp
Healing Potion X heals 25 hp
Healing Potion XI heals 35 hp
Healing Potion XII heals 45 hp
Healing Potion XIII heals 50 hp
Healing Potion XIV heals 60 hp
Healing Potion XV heals 70 hp
Healing Potion XVI heals 80 hp
Healing Potion XVII heals 90 hp
Healing Potion XVIII heals 100 hp
Healing Potion XIX heals 150 hp
Dewberry Reviver heals 175 hp
Bubbling Healing Goo heals 200 hp
Super Strength Healing Potion heals 225 hp
Essence of Everlasting Apple heals 250 hp

Take note, the healing potion will not cure the diseases.

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