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Counting from Left to right --->

1. Your items/inventory: This is where all your items/inventory are stored. When you buy anything or people given you any items, it will be sent here first. You can only have 50 items on hand. However, it's best to store your valuable items in the safety deposit box.

2. Your shop: This is where you will make your neopoints and collect your wealth. Buy from the neopia shop and sell it at your shop. The money you earned from your shop will be deposited into the shop till. However, this won't earn you interest. So withdraw it and deposit it into your bank account.

3. Guilds: Where group of friends gather together to chit-chat and help each other out. You can create your own or join an existing guild. Check it out at the Board. Lots of people will advertise their guild there. But be careful of scammer.

4. Auctions: You can auction your items here. But I would advise that you don't do this until you know what's the market rate of the items is like.

5. Notice board: This is where you can advertize your shop. You have to pay to do it here and it expire after a week.

6. Wizard This is where you search how much an item cost to buy or sell.

7. Battledome; Will discuss this in detail later.

8. Top: Neopia Central - This is the main page. This takes you to the bookshoop, the food shop, the bank, the auction house, petpet shop, money tree, neolodge, shop of offers, post office, pharmacy and magic shop. It also link you to the bazzar and the plaza.

9. Bottom: Neopian Bazaar - There is the toy shop, health food shop, chocolate factory, petpet supplies, wizard shop, defence magic, gift galore, usuki land, herbet hotdogs, fresh smoothies, unis clothing, collectable cards, fine furniture, battle magic, gardening supplies.

10. Neopian Marketplace: This is where the biggest players have their shops, The shop sizes are usually 500 to 1000. I don't advise buying your items here because the price are generally more expensive. It's cheaper to check with the Wizard.

The soup faerie can be found here. You can feed your pet until it is bloated but it's only for pet who has less than 2000np (both on hand and in the bank).

11. Neopets Merchandise News: The title says it all. It's about Neopet's merchandize.

12. Price Changes: This will shows you a list of the recent price changes.

13. National Neopian Bank: Deposit all your neopoints in the bank and only have a few thousand neopoints on hand. You will collect interest and you do not have to fear of it being stolen by the pants devil or the kadoties who will take 5000np at a time. Remember to collect your interest daily.

14. Trading Post: This is the safest way to sell, give items. It allows members to exchange items safely without fear of being scammed. You can trade with either money or goods. Check the wizard on the price of the item you want to trade, and decide what you would like in return, you might be offered something good or junk. I will talk in detail later.Will discuss in detail later.

15. Money Tree: is a place where people donate their Neopoints or items. You can come here and try to catch some free items. But your internet connection will have to very fast to get anything good here.

16. Safety Deposit Box aka SDB: Store all your items/inventory in here. That way you know it's safe and you do not have to worry that your items will get stolen. Plus, when you have 1000 items in your deposit box, you will get an avatar.

17. Create a house: It's said that every pet should have a home. However, I feel that this is a luxury. The furniture are expensive and it's addictive. Thus, do this when you have extra neopoints.

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