When my pet is hungry  

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How do you know if your pet is hungry?
When you click on your pet's name on the top right hand corner, it will bring you to this page:

It will show you how hungry your pet is.

This is the pet's hunger's statitic:

Hunger Levels:
Very hungry
Not hungry
Full up
Very full
Very bloated

How do you feed the pet?

Go to the inventory/my item page by clicking where it says "NP" at the top right hand corner.

Here you will see the food you have in your inventory. Click on one of the food and a pop up window will appear.

Click on Feed pet name.

Then it will show how full your pet is.

Then click close and refresh button.

Try to keep your pet bloated and delighted or else they will turn themselves blue. Now that would be really heartaching if you have painted your pet to some pretty pet.

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