What is Neopet?  

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In the Beginning

Neopets® began from an idea Adam had way back in 1997 while sitting in a dingy little computer room, possibly while eating kebabs or pizza. The site was launched on November 15th 1999 by Adam and Donna (who are British hence all the funny spellings). Our aim is to keep adding new and exciting games, puzzles and activities daily, and hopefully keep you all entertained!!! :)

Adam Powell - Adam thought of the original idea for NeoPets. He created most of the site and loads of cool games such as Scorchy Slots, Jubjub Blackjack, Dicearoo, Snow Wars, Gormball and the Neopian Lottery.

Donna Williams - Donna started NeoPets with Adam. She is responsible for organising the art you see, as well as the competitions and a lot of the ideas.

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