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Before I go on, I will talk a little about avatar.

What is an avatar? Source from here

What are avatars?
Avatars are little icons that give yourself a little more personality when you are chatting on the Neoboards. They give the people you are talking to an idea of the things you are interested in and your mood. They are the small pictures that appear to the left hand side when you post a message.

How do I get the special avatars?
It all depends on the avatars, some require you to get a high score in a certain game, beat a particular battledome challenger, solve a puzzle etc. Some are also affected by what items you are carrying and the pages you visit regularly. The best thing to do is just explore the site and try your hand at everything, you are bound to find some new avatars on your journey.

Where can I find my Avatar?

Click on the Board on your sidebar.

It will bring you here:

Click Chat Preference and it will bring you to here:

Click where the red arrow is and it will tells you what avatar you have. You can choose your favorite avatar to use. When you send a neomail or make post on the board, it will show your avatar.

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